Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Whiskey Games - North Division Round Two

Welcome back once again for The Bottom Shelf Whiskey Games, where it is Round Two for the North Division!  

Earlier today, we saw Fleischmann's and Heaven Hill stumbled their way into the Foul Four, and now it is time to see who makes it from the North Division.

The Whiskey Games - South Division Round Two

Welcome back to The Bottom Shelf - The Whiskey Games!   It is time for Round Two in the South Division!  And don't fret, our Round Two matches in the North are coming later this evening!

Our South Division second round match-ups are Fleishmann's vs. Ten High, and G & W Five Star vs. Heaven Hill.  Who will make it to the Foul Four?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Next RiffTrax Live Announced: Sharknado

RiffTrax has gone and announced the first Live riff of 2014, and it is Sharknado!  The movie from The Asylum that should have been an amazing C movie schlock fest, but turned out to just be terrible, is now going to be amazing thanks to Kevin, Mike, Bill, and the rest of the writers at RiffTrax.

The show will be broadcast live on July 10, and it looks like a repeat broadcast will be happening on July 15Tickets will go on sale on Friday, May 2.  Make sure to buy them right away, because this one will most likely sell out.  And if you want a reminder from Fathom Events, you can text RIFFNADO to FATHOM (328466).

Also: RIFFNADO is one of the greatest words ever.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Whiskey Games - North Division Round One

Welcome back to The Bottom Shelf - The Whiskey Games!   Today, we turn our attention to Round One of the North Division!

Much like the South Division, the North also has some power house whiskeys.   Famed Whiskey, Canadian (out)House is top seed. They drew a bye, along with R & R whiskey because of their rankings.  Also because we only have 6 teams in the division.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Whiskey Games - South Division Round One

Whiskey fans, let the madness begin!  Will there be upsets, or will the favorites dominate the regurgitate?

This is a battle for worst whiskey, not the best bottom shelfer. A definite race to the septic tank bottom.

Today we have eight bottom shelfers from the South Division trying to crawl their way through Round One.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Whiskey Games

Welcome back to The Bottom Shelf with Russ!  In keeping with the theme of March Madness, cheapo whiskey will square off in it's own bracket tournament: The Whiskey Games. Let's get ready to stuuuummmmbble!

Bottom shelf whiskeys will battle each other for the title of worst whiskey ever. The competition will be strong, as all previously reviewed whiskeys, plus two unknowns, will be featured in this showdown.