Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Whiskey Games - South Division Round Two

Welcome back to The Bottom Shelf - The Whiskey Games!   It is time for Round Two in the South Division!  And don't fret, our Round Two matches in the North are coming later this evening!

Our South Division second round match-ups are Fleishmann's vs. Ten High, and G & W Five Star vs. Heaven Hill.  Who will make it to the Foul Four?

Fleischmann's looks especially putrid as it enters The Skid Row Chinese Takeout Arena, but Ten High has been here before(really?). Their mascot Toto the paranoid rehabing clown is in rare form as he makes obscene looking balloon animals for the fans.

Both bottom shelfers go toe to toe with Ten High doing well until Toto goes into a full latex allergy reaction.  Fleischmann's squeezes one out, much to the delight of the takeout eating hillrods. It's Fleischmann's to the Foul Four!

Their opponent will be the winner of the Heaven Hill and G & W Five Star contest, which is about to be under way over at Bubba's Worlds Largest Outhouse.  This match features the corn dog crowd against the tea party people.  Heaven Hill, boasting a tobacco chewing, corn dog eating, gassy following, makes several double shots and is looking like a winner.  G & W has its own boozed up fans storm back to even the contest.  Bubba's Outhouse is tightly packed.  Hey, there is more than ten people in here!  Oh well, nothing like people sitting on other peoples laps in an outhouse for a good time!  A full house sees Heaven Hill dribble all the way down and lay one in the number two hole.

Heaven Hill wins it in a cheek squeezer and will meet Fleishmann's in a very strong South Division finale.

Make sure you make it back later (if you can still see straight) to find out who makes it to the Foul Four in the North Division!