Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Whiskey Games - North Division Round Two

Welcome back once again for The Bottom Shelf Whiskey Games, where it is Round Two for the North Division!  

Earlier today, we saw Fleischmann's and Heaven Hill stumbled their way into the Foul Four, and now it is time to see who makes it from the North Division.

First, it's time for Canada (out)House get it on with R & R, and things are... wait! It's over before it starts! It seems R & R is going to forfeit! They will not even challenge Canada House. Just like that, Canada House moves to the Foul Four.

The arena crowd is distracted by the smell of poodles and noodles (the blue plate special) being served here at Lucky Pierre's Roadkill Cafe Arena. And since there was no match, there is no cleanup needed (at least on the court).

McMasters, the unknown, Is about to rumble with Canada LTD for the last spot in the Foul Four.

McMasters is cocky but has not seen the likes of LTD. A woozy sense of destiny fills Canada LTD as they pound down shot after shot. Mcmasters pairs perfectly with the fresh hedgehog dogs the vendors are selling, but it looks like Canada LTD has flushed them out of the tournament!

And so bottom shelf whiskey fans, we now have a Foul Four for the ages! In the North we have Canada LTD challenging Canada House for supremacy, and in the South there is Fleischmann's the putrid poisoner, ready to battle it out with Heaven Hill.

Be sure to wear some protective gear, because soon, the bum slush will be flying in The Bottom Shelf Whiskey Games Foul Four!