Sunday, August 23, 2015

Three Years of Bad Drinks, Good Snacks, Holiday Stuff, and RiffTrax!

Wow, I can't believe I've already been at this for three years!  When I signed up on Blogger, Peanut Butter & Awesome was going to be a little side blog for me.  At the time, Digital Something was still alive, and I was posting all of my news stories there.  When we decided to close DS, I actually started using PB&A.

Things have grown larger than I ever expected, and it's all thanks to you!  We might not get amazing page view numbers, but it is still more than I ever expected.  I want to thank all of you from the sub-cockle area of my heart.

Over the last three years, we have written about a wide variety of subjects.  From video game reviews to Pop-Tarts, RiffTrax and other movies, to cheap whiskey and gross drink recipes, we aren't adverse to writing about anything.

To look back over the last three years, I have collected some of our most popular posts.  Before we get to those, however, let's see what some other people had to say about the last three years!
Hello cheap whiskey fans, Bottom Shelf Russ here!  Just want to thank you all for checking out Peanut Butter & Awesome. That goes doubly for you loaded bastards.
Who says love makes the world go 'round?  BS!  It's bad booze that helps make the world spin(pun intended).
It was a real pleasure to write for our site and rate lousy whiskey. I liked every blog we had, but a few were more memorable than others. Such as the G&W Five Star, which was the whiskey of choice for our forefathers. I also liked the column we had one Halloween about which monsters, ghosts, vampires, et al, would use for their buzz.  We also rated some of the Hammer films at that time, including that one with the three lesbian vampires.
I also recall the time I chatted with a life long fifth a day man.  Every time I see a guy going through the trash looking for bottles and cans, I think of him and wonder how he and his pickled liver are doing!
A lot of the reviews I wrote were heavily influenced by my surroundings, and not just the drink.  When writing the Bottom Shelf reviews ,I tried to give a complete review with a little sarcasm and humor.  We wanted reviews that would appeal to all types, weather they are drinkers, heavy and light, or even non tipplers.
In the first blog we refered to Fleischmann's, the putrid poisoner, as a great house warming gift to a bum who just got a new refrigerator box for a new home.  Maybe by now he also has a bubble wrap matress! Bum slush was born.
The Bottom Shelf has brought many readers, but none as much as the R&R review, which is completely over the top. 
Thanks from all of us a PBAndAwesome.com!  I know you haven't  heard much from me lately, but I think we explored bottom shelf whiskey quite well.  Perhaps I will have more comments about whatever sometime in the near future, but for now lets hear from you. What do you want to have explored? 
So long and God bless,

Our Unpaid Intern chose the Muffin Top as his all-time favorite post, because he says he is proud to have helped create something so completely vile.

Marcus (from SomethingAwful) had this to share:
I've really enjoyed reading your RiffTrax related posts, but the one I enjoyed the most was your RiffTrax Christmas Playlist.  It got me to finally watch Santa's Village of Madness, and it was totally great!

Sherry, owner of Linkslilri4ce ( a great place for your cosplay needs), says:
PBAndAwesome! It's right in the site's name, but in case you didn't know it, this site is a whole lot of awesome, and then just to sweeten the deal it's like they threw in a free pbj sandwich for ya! The articles are about everything nerdy with a touch of cheekiness. Whether it's the Bottom Shelf Mixology to get your evening going or fun reviews of snack foods or B-Movies, PBAndAwesome has you covered! 
To get that PB&A taste in your eager mouths, I recommend checking out a few of my favorite posts:
Bottom Shelf Mixology: Fuzzy Butthole
Halloween Movie Madness '13: Army of Darkness
Review: Limited Edition Cotton Candy & S'Mores Oreos

Finally, some words from my lovely wife Joy:
Okay, so apparently PBAndAwesome is three years old and this is something my husband (its daddy) is fairly proud of...I don't recall my husband bugging as many people about any of our actual children turning three, but I won't go there.  He has asked me to pick my "favorite" article.  This is something that despite my usual detest for this site (because of the time of my husbands it steals away) is actually quite difficult. Why? My husband is a good writer! And he can be quite funny... cheesy sometimes yes, but his ability to make me laugh is one of the reasons I married him!
I decided I needed to start a list and then maybe narrow it down...
June 3 - Bottom Shelf Mixology- Celebrity Chef edition. We aren't big drinkers but my husband and I enjoy watching cooking shows (while snacking, of course) so this was an enjoyable twist to the nasty concoctions!
March 23 - Three movies perfect for Rifftrax. Because it mentions me! I would ABSOLUTELY send my husband to Rifftrax rehab if that was a thing!
1, 2, skip a few... jump to 2014
September 17 - I know this is kind of a big jump. There was a lot of bottom shelf articles in there and as stated previously we aren't big drinkers. Plus, this has a added bonus of being MY BIRTHDAY!!! Was my husband doting on me, spoiling his wife with reckless abandon on the day she was born...Nope! He was snacking on pop tarts! His all time favorite, by the way, as soon as these things hit the shelves he literally buys every box he can get his grubby little hands on.
April 19 - I only care about the baby girl in this post! But that might have something to do with my complete elation with her no longer being inside of me!
February 19- just showing off the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! Hey, I like that movie.
February 6 - it's all about Oreos...need I say more?
January 22 - Death to itchy! I hated that he made a crab louse the "mascot" and was not sad to see it go...sorry!
December 16 - our first White Elephant party! Awesomeness
October is usually Halloween Movie Madness time. I have become somewhat of a wuss since I had my first baby, so I don't enjoy scary movies like I once did. But there are a few I watch with my hubs...
Army of Darkness
It's the Great pumpkin, Charlie Brown
The Neverending Story
Hocus Pocus
Once Bitten... Wow, there were kind of a lot this year.
August 21 - Tiny toys found while moving... this marks when we finally moved out of my parents and into my childhood home (also belonging to my parents, but hey its a step)
May 18 - Bob's Burgers Business Buffoonery
April 30 - My hubby has done a few of the "Why I like ... and you should too" blurbs this one is Forget Paris
April 23 - same as above only Drop Dead Gorgeous... one of our favorites!!
March 4 - a lovely article called Buy my crap!! Do it!
Okay, this is getting ridiculous so we are skipping ahead to 2012...the year it all began...
Beginning at the end -- in December, my husband likes to do his movie thing at Christmas time too... the 16th we apparently watched "The Holiday". I love that movie!
December 6 - Terms of Embarrassment... hilarious! Trust me- just read it!
November 6 - Yup, it's voting day!! Deadpool! All the Way!
November 3 - A mixed CD?  Apparently, my husband and son made a CD of my son's favorite songs for his friend's birthday... I have no recollection of this happening so this was hilarious to me! ... Wonder who it was for?? I really can't remember! haha
September 9 - It's really kind of gross! Go ahead, check it out! 
September 4 - Your first and only warning... this was one of the first posts to the site. In it my husband says not including myself and our children that he will likely drone on about 3 things. Sriracha, Deadpool, and zombies. This my friends was a lie... sorry, it was. Yes, he loves those things but he also loves to drone on about crappy movies, crappy food, and POP TARTS! NOW, you have been warned! Sorry, it took 3 years!
Okay friends, I apologize for the length. I knew when he said to pick a favorite that this would be a much more difficult task then he assumed it would be. I being, ummm, myself, could do nothing less than go through 3 years worth of posts to find said favorite and limit me to ONE!? Out of the question! AND, I also must point out that I sacrificed a nap for this...thus proving my love and devotion!
I'm not sure I should say this but thanks for feeding into my husband's obsession. It gives him meaning...that apparently, I and the kids fall short on... wait, a second! :/ (I'm joking, of course)! 
See you at the therapy session! 
Mrs. PBAndAwesome 

Thanks hun!

I promised you some of our most popular posts, and while some of them have already been mentioned, they are still included in the list below.

Here they are, in no particular order:

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Tiny Toys I Found While Moving
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Phew!  What a post!

I hope you all have enjoyed the past three years as much as I have.  And if you are new here, have a look around and enjoy!