Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bottom Shelf Mixology Rejects Pt. 2

Welcome to Bottom Shelf Mixology!  We have racked our brains (and our livers) to come up with special "bottom shelf" versions of popular drinks, and some original creations that range from "oh, that might be interesting" to "that sounds absolutely disgusting".  

Since the last set was so popular, we have decided to release another round of our rejected drinks. These are the drinks that sounded so bad, they were tossed out immediately - following the laughing and/or feelings of nausea they brought with them.

Even if, for whatever reason you might want to try the other Bottom Shelf Mixology recipes, don't try these.

Breakfast Whiskey (V1)
  • 4 oz. Fleischmann's Whiskey
  • 4 oz. Water
  • 2 tsp. Sanka Instant Coffee
Put the whiskey and water in your mug, and pop that baby into the microwave for about a minute.  Get it nice and hot.  Then, pour in the two teaspoons of Sanka and stir vigorously.

Optional: Finish with a nice big glug of pancake syrup!

Breakfast Whiskey (V2)
  • 4 oz. Fleischmann's Whiskey
  • 4 oz. Water
  • 1 pod Great Value Regular Coffee
Open up your single serve coffee maker, and pour the water and whiskey in the reservoir.  Put the pod into the basket thing just like normal.  Brew and enjoy!

Drunken Bears
  • 1 cup Crystal Palace Vodka
  • 1 lb. Sugar Free Gummy Bears
Put the gummy bears into a bowl. Add the vodka.  Let soak for five days. Eat them all in one sitting, and proceed to die from dysentery*.

  • 1 bottle Jägermeister
Drink it, I guess?

*Seriously though, you'll poop uncontrollably for at least a day.