Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nintendo Direct January 14, 2015

Nintendo has a new Nintendo Direct video today, and it starts in just under half an hour!  You can watch the live feed below, and we will be live blogging it for those of you who can't watch it.

And the first Nintendo Direct of 2015 begins!
Things are kicking off with a new Fire Emblem for the 3DS!  Developed by Intelligent Systems.  It promises to give your decision more weight than ever.

Up next, the NA and EU announcement of Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition.  You can build your parties out of anyone.  Out in May.

New Pokemon puzzle game - Pukemon Shuffle.  It's like Trozei, but not.  And it's freemium.  Damn it Nintendo.  Coming in February.

The Wii U is getting Wii downloadable titles!  Playable with the Wii U Gamepad!  This is awesome! Mario Galaxy 2, Punch-Out!! and Metroid Prime Trilogy will be the first titles!  Mario Galazy 2 will be out TODAY!!  These three games will be available for half price for the first week of their availability!

New wave of amiibo announced, including Charizard and Wario.

New series of amiibo figures from Mario Party 10 - a new Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Toad!  They will have the same funcionality as the Smash Bros. versions.

Detailing a bit about Mario Party 10 and Captain Toad, and how the amiibo will work with them.

Splatoon being showed off now.  There is a world hub with other characters from Miiverse.  And you can customize your characters with equipment, clothes, shoes, and more!

New Hyrule Warriors DLC - TINGLE INCOMING!  It's a Majora's Mask pack, and also features young Link.  Coming February.

Next up - a new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X.  It looks outstanding!  Showing off a lot of the environments.  More information coming in the near future.

Some new information about Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. this will be on the 3DS and Wii U.  If you buy it on one, you get it on the other!  Coming out March 5!  Finally, some cross-buy!

A new Wii U exclusive title - Project Treasure.  Coming from Bandai Namco!

Some new eShop titles being shown off, including Blek, Citizens of Earth, Gunman Clive 2, the rest of Moon Chronicles, and new Sega 3D Classics! After Burner II is first!  Also coming soon: Etrian Mystery Dungeon, and Story of Seasons (the Harvest Moon series... it's complicated).

Now they are showing off a new Fossil Fighters game for the 3DS.  Meh.

Here we go - the New 3DS release date announcement!  February 13 is when it will be out.  It's only the XL system though?  Apparently!  It will be $199.99.  Talking up the face-tracking 3D, the C-Stick, and the processing upgrade (makes games like Smash load in less than half the time!).  ANd it doesn't come with a plug, because everyone has them already I guess.

Going to talk now about how upcoming 3DS titles will be enhanced with the new 3DS XL.

Code Name: STEAM uses the C-Stick for camera movement, and amiibo characters from Fire Emblem in the game.

The new version of Ace Combat is coming to the US!

Xenoblade Chronicles! The New 3DS exclusive game is coming to the US!

Iron Fall, a new shooter, will be coming to 3DS and New 3DS. Running 60 FPS. Coming Soon.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, getting a LE New 3DS XL.  GameStop exclusive.  More info on the game, and they are FLYING through it.  I did catch full online support for the game, but that's it.  I can't read and type fast enough... lol.

Ending with Majora's Mask news: February 13. The same day the New 3DS XL releases.  Oh, and of course, a Majora's Mask New 3DS XL LE system.

Nice note to end on!