Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bottom Shelf: R&R Canadian Whiskey

Bottom shelf whiskey, we love the price, and hate the taste!

The Bottom Shelf WIth Russ - Rich and Rare Canadian Whiskey

My quest, my challenge, is to explore the bottom shelf to see if there are any whiskeys with redeemable value. R&R Canadian Whiskey is such a rare and rich discovery.  Nothing suits me better than lampooning poor whiskey, but I find myself unable to do that with R&R.  I used a mix of diet cola and R&R whiskey at a one to one ratio and I settled back to watch the Detroit Lions at my brother-in-law's man cave/garage on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

This amazing (fake) ad can be found here.

As the game went on I didn't even mind (or notice) that the Lions fell apart all day. The booze went down smooth and easy, numbing all pain and limiting my vision.  R&R might even be on a par with THE Northern Lights (previously reviewed).  R&R is much better than bar whiskey.  It would be very suitable for shots at an engagement party, or perhaps making eggnog at Christmas time.  R&R is the champagne of cheap whiskey, and a bottom shelf bonanza at $7.99 a fifth.

Taste: 4 - Smooth, not a harsh after taste like some others.

Cost: 4 - Easy on bottom shelfer's wallet, just fish thru gas station and car wash trash cans for returnable cans and bottles and you to could afford R&R.

Packaging:  4 - Look for huge R&R on label and drink proudly no brown paper bag needed. glass bottle, enough said.

Effects:  4 - Mellow after glow with no sleepy feeling. Use just before root canal or right after vasectomy. 

Mixability: Guzzle straight up or mix with anything. Unlike Fleischmann's (which could overtake the nastiest ass breath), R&R is symbiotic.

Final comments:  I enjoyed R&R so much that I actually wanted to get another bottle, but my experiment takes me next to Canadian LTD.  Spoiler alert: Do you know the difference between LTD and moose piss?  LTD has a bottle around it.

'Til next time, here's looking up yours from Bottom Shelf Russ!

P.S. Yes, I am a Detroit sports fan and even though the Lions seem to be getting better, bottom shelf whiskey helps numb the pain.

Price alert: Canada House whiskey is now a lower price than Fleischmann's (the putrid poisoner) by ten cents, thus earning the new nickname of Canada Outhouse.

Also we have THE Northern Lights (the groovy gulper), and now R&R (with no snappy nickname yet.).