Friday, June 14, 2013

The Bottom Shelf: R&R Canadian Whiskey

Bottom shelf whiskey, we love the price, and hate the taste!

The Bottom Shelf WIth Russ - Rich and Rare Canadian Whiskey

My quest, my challenge, is to explore the bottom shelf to see if there are any whiskeys with redeemable value. R&R Canadian Whiskey is such a rare and rich discovery.  Nothing suits me better than lampooning poor whiskey, but I find myself unable to do that with R&R.  I used a mix of diet cola and R&R whiskey at a one to one ratio and I settled back to watch the Detroit Lions at my brother-in-law's man cave/garage on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

This amazing (fake) ad can be found here.

As the game went on I didn't even mind (or notice) that the Lions fell apart all day. The booze went down smooth and easy, numbing all pain and limiting my vision.  R&R might even be on a par with THE Northern Lights (previously reviewed).  R&R is much better than bar whiskey.  It would be very suitable for shots at an engagement party, or perhaps making eggnog at Christmas time.  R&R is the champagne of cheap whiskey, and a bottom shelf bonanza at $7.99 a fifth.

Taste: 4 - Smooth, not a harsh after taste like some others.

Cost: 4 - Easy on bottom shelfer's wallet, just fish thru gas station and car wash trash cans for returnable cans and bottles and you to could afford R&R.

Packaging:  4 - Look for huge R&R on label and drink proudly no brown paper bag needed. glass bottle, enough said.

Effects:  4 - Mellow after glow with no sleepy feeling. Use just before root canal or right after vasectomy. 

Mixability: Guzzle straight up or mix with anything. Unlike Fleischmann's (which could overtake the nastiest ass breath), R&R is symbiotic.

Final comments:  I enjoyed R&R so much that I actually wanted to get another bottle, but my experiment takes me next to Canadian LTD.  Spoiler alert: Do you know the difference between LTD and moose piss?  LTD has a bottle around it.

'Til next time, here's looking up yours from Bottom Shelf Russ!

P.S. Yes, I am a Detroit sports fan and even though the Lions seem to be getting better, bottom shelf whiskey helps numb the pain.

Price alert: Canada House whiskey is now a lower price than Fleischmann's (the putrid poisoner) by ten cents, thus earning the new nickname of Canada Outhouse.

Also we have THE Northern Lights (the groovy gulper), and now R&R (with no snappy nickname yet.).


  1. I love R&R and I love this post! Kudos!

    P.S. I am a fellow Detroit sports fan! lol

  2. I am an old guy from Detroit of the 70's. Rich and Rare was not only a whiskey...it defined a certain type of fart.

  3. This is my new favorite whiskey. R&R is like the Chardonnay of whiskey. Its tastes of butterscotch and and oak. It also makes the best whiskey ginger I have ever had. Go Broncos!

  4. wtf kinda website name is this were you high when you thought of the name lol

    1. Thank you for your comments. They have been forwarded to the proper department.

    2. Thank you for your comments. They have been forwarded to the proper department.

  5. A cousin is very much an R&R fan so this I've tried before and been left w half a bottle all to myself..,Yes, it's happily cheap enough that if you forget it at someone's home, you can gladly offer them the rest because a new bottle is cheaper than the gas to go pick up the half that's there... I was definitely happily surprised by it myself and this was during my days of not even looking down on the shelves to take a peek. That being said, I can honestly give it a thumbs up aithout my tastebuds being compromised!

  6. I got R&R because they were out of my usual, know I have a new usual. Go last place team I'm buzzed and am on your side, thanks R&R

  7. got a bottle given to me once, started buying instead of lord or windsor. everybody has there taste R&R is my taste.

  8. guy gave me a bottle and told me his story of R&R drinking, ever since been my go to. Cheap enough and know sell my old car parts for bottles of R&R instead of cash