Thursday, February 7, 2019

Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts: Shy Guy

It's Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts, our new series where the title is almost as long as the actual reviews!  We are going to take a look at a RiffTrax Short almost every day this year, until we run out of shorts.  That will get us through the majority of the year, so strap in for madness!

(Released January 5, 2009)

Shy Guy is a prequel to Bewitched, in which we see Darrin before he met Samantha.  He is trying to become a poser at his father's advice.

I might be joking about the Bewitched part, but this really is about a kid—played by Dick York—who is trying to make friends at a new school.  His father tells him he had problems fitting in at his new job at first too.  When asked for advice, the dad says it doesn't matter, because it wouldn't work for him.  His dad tells him to copy the other guys at school, and to stalk them to find out what they all like.

I think the best part of this Short—aside from the outstanding riffs—is the rousing rendition of Oh, Susanna! at the student mixer.

This is another one I hadn't actually watched before, but it was really funny.

Shy Guy earns four creeper dads out of five.