Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts: Christmas Toyshop

It's Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts, our new series where the title is almost as long as the actual reviews!  We are going to take a look at a RiffTrax Short almost every day this year, until we run out of shorts.  That will get us through the majority of the year, so strap in for madness!

(Released December 21, 2008)

It's Christmas Eve.  Time to send the kids to bed for their Christmas Nightmare!  Some might even call it a nightmare before Christmas.

I will not apologize for that.

Anyway, that's the gist of Christmas Toyshop.

This Short starts out with our family listening to the radio.  Dad says it's time for bed, so off the kids go!  Dad wants to bring the tree in right away, but Mom says he needs to wait a bit so the kids don't catch him.  Mom goes up to make sure the kids go to bed and don't come downstairs, but Dad can't wait!  He goes outside to bring the tree in.  After Mom comes back downstairs, what is either the Sandman or a demon visits the children and sprinkles some powder on the kids.  Then the kids hallucinate Santa telling them a story about how the toys come to life at night.  This part of the story is animated, and there is some interesting things going on here.  The worst one?  When the Be-top-hatted Spider-dog of Bill's nightmares makes an appearance.

My favorite part of this Short is Kevin's singing(Bill's singing immediately after is my second favorite part).  The rest of the short is good too, but I love it every time we get to hear Kevin's vocal prowess.

Christmas Toyshop gets four Be-top-hatted Spider-dogs of Bill's Nightmares out of five.

*This Short is also part of RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-stravaganza!