Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts: Self-Conscious Guy

It's Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts, our new series where the title is almost as long as the actual reviews!  We are going to take a look at a RiffTrax Short almost every day this year, until we run out of shorts.  That will get us through the majority of the year, so strap in for madness!

(Released January 14, 2009)

I have always had an issue with being too self-conscious(usually over my writing), so I was hoping Self-Conscious Guy would help me get over that a little bit.

It did not.

Poor Marty.  Every time he does something, he feels like he has a spotlight on him.  If he has to speak in front of the class, or when he wants to ask a girl out, there's the spotlight.  He was fine if he was playing ping-pong though!  So, at least there's that.  In fact, it's ping-pong that helps him learn how to not be as self-conscious.

My biggest disappointment is that we didn't get more scenes about eating imaginary muffins.

There are a few riffs that I forgot about, like the one revolving around the aforementioned muffin eating scene.  There is also a great Equus joke, and if you aren't familiar with that play, you will want to read up on it, because it makes the joke that much better/worse.

Self-Conscious Guy gets four imaginary muffins out of five.