Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Five Years of Peanut Butter & Awesome!

Has it really been five years already?  Amazing!  I want to start off right away by thanking all of you for your continued support.  Without our readers (and viewers), we wouldn't have a reason to do any of this.

I mean, we still would.  I don't think we've ever once let reason stand in the way of anything we've done, so why start now?

I reached out to have people tell me the stuff they've liked over the years, and I would like to share with you some of the responses I got.

Sugar Ray Dodge, author and illustrator of Mystery Science Storybook:
For the past five years, Jeremy Pluta has consistently brought the info and the LOLs to the masses through Peanut Butter and Awesome. Whether it's Bottom Shelf Liquor mixing, the comprehensive RiffTrax coverage, or anything in between, Jeremy is, by far, one of the most dedicated and underrated writers on the entire internet.
Wow! Thanks!  Make sure you check out his latest release Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Storybook? (Mystery Science Storybook Book 3)

Mike C.:
The first video I saw from you guys was the one where you made a drink that had mole sauce and graham crackers.  It looked really bad and I couldn't believe you guys were actually going to drink it!  You did and it was gross and funny!
Hey everyone!  It's Linksliltri4ce here!  Boss Man Jeremy told me I had to write a little ditty about the adventures I've had with PB&A.  
As a more recent member of awesome peanut-butter (being around for the last two-three years or so), I could easily make you a montage vine of the times I've screamed, gagged, or looked sincerely unhappy at the hands of the monstrosities I have ingested.  When I joined up, the Bottom Shelf Mixology videos were only a fever dream of the twisted mind of Jeremy and the PB&A crew.  My husband (and also PB&A member) Jackfelgar, Jeremy, and myself one day expressed how funny it would be to actually TRY the terrifying mixes... and if we were to drink them we might as well film our reactions!  We hemmed and hawed over the course of a year before I DEMANDED we just go ahead and start filming!  A cheap $3 saloon background was purchased online and so became the birth of the Bottom Shelf YouTube series. 
Mixology, Munchies, and Microwavables, and I can tell you that I've never enjoyed eating and drinking things (that many would consider cruel and unusual punishment) as much as I do on the show.  
Bottom line is if you haven't watched the shenanigans of PBAndAwesome you are surely missing out.  These are three of my favorite vids to help get you started on your journey: 
The Peach Pit (It exploded!)
Candied Vegetarian Snack (the first really bad snack we encountered) 
Princess Lollipop (this one starts with decapitation and just goes off the rails)
I owe LinkslilTri4ce a LOT!  For those who don't know, she's the producer and editor of all of our videos!

Andrew Leamon:
Would it be cliché to say that Peanut Butter & Awesome is...well…awesome?  
I was invited to be a part of a new adventure he titled “Bottom Shelf Mixology,” which I was happy to join… as long as I didn’t have to actually drink anything. Over time, Jeremy and I have become friends and I would eventually help him create my crowning achievement, the Millennial Martini.  
Look, there are people on the internet who just put out crap online left and right for the money. Jeremy puts out great videos every week and does it out of his own pocket, because well…he loves what he does. The thing I love about Peanut Butter & Awesome (Part of the Awesome4ces Network) is that his love for gaming, comedy, pop culture, and really bad things shines through.  
Jeremy’s been doing this for five years now. That’s longer than most people do anything. It’s all a testament to his character…although, I have to question the character of someone who likes to torture themselves as much as he does.
At the end of the day, I’m the audience, so it’s great for me.
Congrats to five years, PB&A!
Eric the Unpaid Intern:
Even though all of the concoctions we come up with are terrible and, as the unpaid intern, I don't make a dime off of this, I always have a great time doing Bottom Shelf Mixology. Here's to another five years of horrific Bottom Shelf abominations!
Bottom Shelf Russ:
Congrats to PBandAwesome for 5 years of hard work and determination to educate and illuminate the masses...where information and bullshit mesh to form an unusual blend of bumslush and baloney! Keep up the good work, Jeremy.
I will leave you with some of our most popular posts over the years.

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If you have any favorites, let us know!