Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bottom Shelf Mixology: Cadbury Eggnog

Welcome to Bottom Shelf Mixology!  We have racked our brains (and our livers) to come up with special "bottom shelf" versions of popular drinks, and some original creations that range from "oh, that might be interesting" to "that sounds absolutely disgusting".  

Cadbury Eggnog
  • 5 Cadbury Creme Eggs
  • 1 5oz. container Plain Yogurt
  • 4oz.  Barton Light Rum

Start by cutting the ends off (about 1/4 of the egg) of each Cadbury creme egg, but do not eat or discard.  Scoop out the creme filling and put it in a bowl.  Add the container of plain Greek yogurt and the rum to the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Re-fill the empty chocolate eggs with the resulting mixture.  Crumble the ends that you had cut off, sprinkle over the top of the new filling, and serve!

Don't be surprised if you wake up two days later from the resulting sugar coma.