Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Strawberry MLB Pop-Tarts

Yesterday, in my hunt for the new Limiter Edition Grape Pop-Tarts that have long eluded me, I finally found them!  I also found two other new special Pop-Tarts!

Today, I wanted to focus on the Strawberry MLB Trading Card Pop-Tarts.  Yes, I know they aren't called that, but that is indeed what they are.

MLB Pop-Tarts

I mean, it says it right there on the box: Collect All 30 Teams.  Just like with trading cards, Kellogg's wants you to keep buying them until you have a complete set.  Wait, what?

MLB Pop-Tarts

There is even a check list on the back of the box.  

What do you do after you collect all thirty?  Do you have them shellacked?  Do you frame them?  "And over here, you will see my complete collection of 2014 MLB Pop-Tarts."  

These are the kind of Pop-Tarts that are dangerous to me, because if I had the money, I would buy box after box until I had them all, and then I would have them shellacked and mounted on plaques.  

I really like the word shellacked.  It's fun to say.  Try it out a few times, I'll wait.

As it stands, I was mostly responsible and only purchased one box of trading card Pop-Tarts.  Being from Michigan, I was really hoping to find a Detroit Tigers logo on one of these.  I don't have high hopes.

Let's see what we got, shall we?

THE YANKEES???  Seriously? My single most hated baseball team, and it is the very first team logo I see.  Wonderful.  If these weren't Strawberry flavored, I would wager that the Yankees flavor would be a mixture of A-Rod's smug sense of self worth and licking the sidewalk in Times Square.

Moving on.

What. The. Hell.  This pack was an enormous double fail.  Not only did I get the Mets, but I also somehow got the MLB logo.  The MLB logo isn't listed on the check list, but it is printed in a portrait orientation on the front of the box.  I guess I should have expected it.

For the Mets, their flavor would be simple: Failure.

(I actually had to refrain from making a Darryl Strawberry joke here.)

Okay, I have to get something better this time, right?

St. Louis and San Francisco.  These are both okay.  The flavor for the Giants? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's fabulous!

Okay, last one.  Come on, Tigers!

Arizona and Chicago.  Again, nothing special or too terrible.

In all seriousness, the most disappointing thing about these Pop-Tarts is the frosting distribution.  This is the worst I've seen it in a while.  Things seemed to be getting better for a while there, and then I saw these.  The logos themselves look fine, but they need to make sure there is enough frosting to print the logos on.

And really?  The MLB logo?

Freakin' MLB Logo Pop-Tart

That's almost worse than getting the Yankees.