Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nintendo 2DS: Nintendo Being Nintendo

That is not a typo.  That is the name of the latest redesign of the Nintendo 3DS.  The video below will explain.

So, this is what they have been spending their time on.  As a gamer, I think it is asinine.  As a parent, however, I like it, and I will tell you exactly why.
My son has been hounding us for a 3DS.  I have one, my wife has one, and he wants one too.  He plays his mom's 3DS all the time.  I was a little hesitant to drop $170 on a handheld system that has issues with things being scratched from simply having the system closed.  He also likes to open the system up all the way, and with Nintendo's history with hinges (starting with the DS Lite), that makes me nervous as well.
Nintendo 2DS
Because of those reasons, a non-closing system that is only $130 is appealing to my parental sensibilities.  And that is exactly what Nintendo was counting on with this system redesign.  They stated that this is a great "entry level handheld", and it was designed as a cheaper option for people who wanted to buy a 3DS for someone.  

I worked too, because he will probably be getting the blue 2DS for Christmas.