Friday, November 9, 2012

Patrice Wilson Brings Back the Horror With "It's Thanksgiving"

Holy cow, he's back!  Patrice Wilson, the man who unleashed Friday from the bowels of Hell onto an unsuspecting populace, returns with yet another vacant-eyed teenybopper named Nicole Westerbrook singing It's Thanksgiving.  If Friday was a bad day at work, this is having a bad day, getting fired, and coming home to find your wife in bed with another man.  Now watch, and suffer as I have!

Oh, Patrice also pops up in this video to perform, just like he did in Rebecca Black's video, only this time it feels supremely inappropriate.  Why is a big black guy at a Christmas party with young girls (and one young boy), and no other adults in sight?  Where's Chris Hansen when you need him?  Check out the screen shots after the jump.

Nicole Westerbrook It's Thanksgiving

He also shows up in a turkey costume in the video.  Seriously.  And again, he is the only adult around a bunch of young girls.  And one young boy.

Nicole Westerbrook It's Thanksgiving

And with lyrics like this:

Can't be hateful, gotta be greatful
Gotta be greatful, can't be hateful
Mashed potatoes on my on my table

You know it wouldn't be right if you didn't get this at some point in the video:

Nicole Westerbrook It's Thanksgiving

Yep.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to go dunk my head into a bucket of bleach.