Friday, October 5, 2012

HMM '12 Day 5: Slither

It's finally October! That means two very important things: Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts are almost here, and Halloween is near! My favorite thing to do in October to prepare myself for Halloween is to, of course, watch movies that I feel best exemplify the season. Now, this doesn't just mean extreme gore fests (of course, I do love me some gore), but I like to include movies that have that Halloween feel. Anyway, let's get to Day 5 of Halloween Movie Madness 2012!

(Universal Studios, 2006)

Last night's movie was Slither, a great throwback to the horror movies of the 80's.  You know when a movie starts off with an asteroid hurtling through space at Earth, things are going to be fun.  And fun is this movie’s middle name.  Well, maybe that should be last name... if it was the movie’s middle name, it would be Slifunther.  Of course, if it were the movie’s last name... you know what, nevermind.  I’m just getting sidetracked.

The asteroid that crashes on Earth contains an alien slug.  A well-to-do fellow by the name of Grant Grant (played by Merle) gets “stung” by said alien and, well, let’s just say he changes.  He starts buying extremely large quantities of meat.  Pets and livestock start disappearing.

Captain Mal is the sheriff of Wheelsy, the sleepy little town in South Carolina where this is all happening, and he is in charge if trying to find Grant Grant, who starts being described by everyone as a squid.  Elizabeth Banks is also in this movie as Mrs. Grant, and according to the Mayor of Wheelsy, “Bitch is hardcore!” (That last sentence is there because my wife, who surprised me by actually watching this movie with me last night, said I absolutely needed to include that quote somewhere in this post.  There you go babe.)

This movie has a lot of staples of the alien horror genre: a bathtub scene, a shower scene, tentacles, a brain slug impregnated woman, acid spit, mind-controlled zombies, alien jizz, and a lot of blood and guts.  This movie has everything but gratuitous boobage.  In fact, there is only a brief nipple peak.  For a movie with so many nods to these types of flicks from twenty-some years ago (damn, I feel REALLY old writing that), that is a bit of a disappointment.

This movie is gross and funny, and that is always a winning combination.  It also doesn’t hurt that the guy behind this movie started out with Troma (there is even a scene from The Toxic Avenger in the movie).  Seriously, you should watch it.