Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nintendo Direct 3.8.18 Live Blog: SMASH MOFOS

There's a new Nintendo Direct today, and it's starting at 5 PM EST (so, just a few minutes!).

All we know that is for sure going to be in it: Mario Tennis Aces. That's all we know with full certainty.

I'm sure they will mention that the Switch is a year old now. Probably some stuff for the new Kirby game. And after the last couple Directs, we can expect a few surprises.

Watch it live here below, or if you can't watch it, I will be live blogging it under the video.

The time has come for today's Nintendo Direct!

Starting out with a NEW WARIOWARE GAME on the 3DS!!!  Over 300 games!

WarioWare Gold: August 3rd!

A new Dillon game?  A Racing Tower Defense title?  Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers.

And now a 3DS remake of another Mario & Luigi game: Bowser's Inside Story. Comes out in 2019.

Detective Pikachu now.  This game looks...weird.  March 23.  Buy it now and pre-load it.

Luigi's Mansion remake on the 3DS!  THIS is exciting!  I loved the original title on the GameCube.  Coming this year sometime.

Now, on to the Switch!

Here's the info on the new Kirby game.  Kirby's Star Allies lets you befriend King Dedede, Metaknight, and more.

Updates will being classic characters from older Kirby games.  Out March 16.  Demo available now.

OKAMI HD ON THE SWITCH! Coming this summer.  So exciting!

Sushi Strikers.  Looks like a neat, and very fast paced puzzle game.  Coming June 8th on Switch and 3DS.

Some new news on Octopath Traveler!  New characters: a merchant named Tressa ( I think it said), and an apothecary named Alfyn (again, I might be wrong)

Releases July 13!

More info on Travis Stikes Again: No More Heroes.  There are a bunch of different games in the game system he gets pulled into.  Out this year.

Dark Souls Remastered will have amiibo support.  DEMO COMING SOON!  Game coming May 25, along with the sun knight amiibo.

Here is the look at Mario Tennis Aces.  Over 15 playable characters.  Right now, they are discussing tennis basics, and some of the special stuff for this game, like the motion controlled Zone Shot.  You can break rackets. Break three rackets and you forfeit. You can also use Zone Speed, which is exactly what you think it is.

You can also play the game without any of the special stuff.  Just the basic rules.

Game comes out June 22.  A pre-launch online tournament coming soon.  Like the Golbal Testfire for Splatoon.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker coming to the Switch!  I never got this on my Wii U, so this is great!  They even added new Super Mario Odyssey levels!  Coming July 13.  And there's a 3DS version.

Undertale??  Wow!


Little Nightmares coming to Switch May 18.

OMG! South Park Fractured But Whole!! April 24!

Hyrule Warriors is coming May 18!

ARMS US & Canada Online Open!  Starting today!  And a new Global Test Punch!

Splatoon 2 is getting Version 3 in April.  100 new gear.  Three new stages.  RANK X.  Callie will show up in Octo Canyon!  All kinds of new goodies.

OCTOLINGS!!  What is going on?  I'm digging this music though.

This looks like a whole new game mode where you play as an OCTOLING!

OCTO EXPANSION!  Paid DLC for Splatoon 2.  You get to play as Agent 8 in a new single player story line.  80 stages.  Cap'n Cuttlefish returns.  New information on the lore of Splatoon.  WHEN YOU BEAT IT, YOU GET TO BE AN OCTOLING ONLINE!