Friday, June 30, 2017

Funko Ripping Off Subscribers of Marvel Collector Corps Boxes

A few days ago, I got my Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Homecoming box.  I was decently pleased with what was in the box.

That changed today, when I discovered that one of the bigger items wasn't actually exclusive to the box.

I am a big fan of Funko Pops!, and I was looking on the Hot Topic website a little while ago to see if anything had recently been added.  I didn't see anything that was really new, so I decided to look at the Spider-Man Homecoming merchandise they had available.

That's when I found the shirt.

Hey, wait a minute! I have that shirt!

Sure enough, it's the same shirt that was "exclusive" to the Collector Corps box!

I sent a message to Funko's support Twitter account @PoweredByFunko. I showed the posted pictures, and I told them I wasn't happy about it.

This was the reply:
Hi Jeremy,
Exclusivity only applies to our Funko items. The shirt at Hot Topic isn't a Funko shirt. We make the items exclusive to our subscription boxes, which means we don't offer them any other way. We don't have control over products that other manufacturers or retailers might create, and the linked Hot Topic shirt is a perfect example since this shirt isn't a Funko product.  Because the design for this shirt is based on a imagery from the actual Spider-Man Homecoming movie, it's not a surprise other manufacturers would want to offer a similar design. The excitement of being able to wear a shirt you'll be able to see in the movie (and maybe even worn by characters in the movie) is precisely why we worked with Marvel to be able to include this exciting t-shirt design in our box. We greatly appreciate your feedback! I will certainly make sure that your inquiry gets seen by the larger team!
Funko Support
What a load.  I mean, really? "Well, we didn't make it, so it's not the same shirt!"

The word exclusive means restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned.  The face that I can go and purchase the exact same Marvel licensed shirt is nowhere near exclusive.

I told them that I was officially requesting a refund, and I have cancelled my Collector Corps subscription.  I'm paying to get exclusive items, and if I'm not getting what I am paying for, I'm not going to pay for it any more.

I will keep you updated on any further developments.