Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 2016 - Nintendo Treehouse/Demo Predictions and Live Reaction

Hey everyone! This is Sherry (aka: Linksliltri4ce) here doing the live blog reaction to this year’s Nintendo E3 Event!

We're going to start off with some predictions that I'd at least like to see this year.  Now we all know Nintendo's current press schedule:
June 14
  • More of The Legend of Zelda in Miitomo: Miitomo will continue its celebration of The Legend of Zelda with a themed Miitomo Drop game that will give players the chance to win The Legend of Zelda-themed in-app gear for their Mii character. Players will also be able to use Miitomo coins inMiitomo to purchase The Legend of Zelda collaboration items. An additionalThe Legend of Zelda collaboration gift will be available on the My Nintendo website, and players can exchange their My Nintendo Platinum Points for this item.
  • Nintendo Treehouse: Live – Day 1: Nintendo’s kickoff to the E3 trade show begins at 9 a.m. PT, with an introduction by Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime and the world’s first look at live gameplay of The Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U console. Viewers can also catch the first live gameplay of the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games. Watch Nintendo Treehouse: Live via Nintendo’s channels on YouTube and Twitch, as well as on  http://e3.nintendo.com.
  • Nintendo eShop sale: Starting at 11 a.m. PT until 8:59 a.m. PT on June 21, Nintendo is offering discounts on some of its most popular games as a special treat for fans. My Nintendo members who are signed in will also get a special bonus if they buy select games included in the sale. Anyone who hasn’t signed up for My Nintendo yet is encouraged to do so now to avoid the E3 rush. To get the extra discount, My Nintendo members must link their Nintendo Account to their Nintendo Network ID and access Nintendo eShop on their device at least once before they make a purchase. The discounted games can be purchased in Nintendo eShop or at http://e3.nintendo.com. Details about the discounts can also be found athttp://e3.nintendo.com.                                        
June 15
  • Nintendo Treehouse: Live – Day 2: Starting at 10 a.m. PT, the Nintendo Treehouse: Live programming will showcase upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games, including Monster Hunter Generations from Capcom, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. The day will start with a special Pokémon GO developer Q&A. Watch all of Nintendo’s action from the E3 show floor via Nintendo’s channels onYouTube and Twitch, as well as on  http://e3.nintendo.com.

For more information about Nintendo’s activities at E3, visithttp://e3.nintendo.com.
While I, for one, am super stoked about seeing SOMETHING on the new Zelda title for the WiiU (and possibly the console known as the NX), I would hope Nintendo is planning on showing us a little more than Zelda and Pokemon Sun and Moon on the show floor.  Nintendo's Day 2 Treehouse lineup is looking over some upcoming 3DS titles.  Knowing Nintendo they haven't told us all their plans for the two events just yet.  I am hoping to see snippets or teasers of other possible upcoming WiiU titles (just because I don't want to see the WiiU die just yet.)  Nintendo has made it clear that there will be no news on the NX, even though it's been hinted that the new Zelda title will launch in March 2017 alongside the NX.  This year is the 30th Anniversary for The Legend of Zelda and compared to its 25th Anniversary, this year has been a little lack luster.  I would like to some news possibly on Metroid, Splatoon, or even a new IP.  We shall see!  The event starts at 9AM Pacific Standard Time (it will be 12PM here in Eastern Standard Time.)


Reggie stated that the Legend of Zelda show floor display is currently being set up for the public.

Beautiful Zelda scenery!!!  Some big old skelly monster in the mountain?  "Open you eyes!"  Link's sleepy again.

Climb everything!!!

Rock Monster!!!

Full Title Announced!  The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Now some footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

A big goal with the new pokemon is to represent this almost spiritual sense of a lifeforcre of the sun and moon.  They wanted the pokemon to be cute and relate-able.  The setting is more tropical and they are gearing the player's characters in a more realistic design.

When you see a shadow at the top and bottom of the screen it means a trainer is going to challenge you.

A new game play mode:  Battle Royal - a 4-player mode where each player can have up to 3 pokemon.  It is a free for all format where you battle everyone!

Sun and Moon will release November 18th, 2016.

Nintendo is taking a short break in their feed.  I'm guessing it's to finish their Zelda setup and get the public filtered in to play.

We're now back to Breath of the Wild.

Looks like we're back of the beginning of the game play.   We see a glowing object and Link is in a glow bath.

He looks likes he's in a futuristic (or advanced ancient) chamber that might be likened to a cryogenic chamber.  The Shine of Resurrection.

The Sheikah Slate is the glowing tablet we've seen in some of the previous artwork.

This game is heavily based on technology rather than magic.

No more underpants Link... :\

The Sheikah Slate is like a swipe card and activated the pedestal to open the door.

Link is the "light" that needs to "shine upon Hyrule once again."

The design is a blend of what we've seen in Skyward Sword and a Skyrim-esque vast landscape.

They based the name after the sweeping landscape of the game for the subtitle. (Obviously)

Link is now an expert climber, climbing trees and mountains.  He also has a tree branch sheathed on his back like a sword.

Gotta get those Nintendo mushrooms ;)

Link can harvest pretty much anything that he can see.   He is currently climbing a tree and collecting apples.

Points of interest are marked on the Sheikah Slate as your guide.  The overworld map is huge!

A Strange Old Man chilling in a cave - classic Zelda.

Hyrule is in a state of decay.  This is clearly not an early game in the timeline.

Time to cut down a tree! Lots of resource collection in this game.  Can we get a Zelda Minecraft skin for the WiiU Edition?

A KOROK!!!!!!!!

Are we blending parts of the timelines?  We're seeing elements from several different lines.

No rupees in the grass yet?  Time to attack Moblins/Bokoblin anyway.

Link can take weapons from his fallen enemies.

The weapons will break with use.

Time to check out Hylian ruins.  Eat some food to replenish your hearts.

There are no hearts found in the game to replenish your health.

This rendition of Zelda is more about survival and collecting resources to continue.

There is a game mechanic where if Link attacks with "perfect timing" the enemies go into a slower mode so they are easier to attack.

There are several deactivated "Guardians" in the castle ruins.  The Guardian was seen in the trailer as the large, mechanical beast that chased Link.

This game wants you to explore more to learn the backstory.

The art style is heavily influenced by Japanese animation.

There is so much content in the game that it will be impossible for the public to explore very much within the time limits at the show floor.

It is based off of "open air painting" for the art style.

The music format had to be different for this game because of the free-roam mechanics.  It is very environmental.  The music couldn't be dynamic for moments in the game because you are not lead in any linear direction.  Piano music blends in smoothly with the sounds of nature.

The open world environment promises a unique game play for everyone.

Puzzle solving and exploration will be further featured later on today.

Bill Trinen just blew up a bunch of stuff.  Screw you, barbecue!

The Miitomo Zelda items will go live at 3pm Pacific Standard Time today.  (That's 6pm here at PB&Awesome.)

Another short break with Nintendo's presentation.

We're back now with Link exploring more of the ruins, now wearing the blue outfit we've seen in concept art and the trailers.

You can "pin" destinations onto your map with the scope function.

"There are secrets everywhere" - we'll once this game comes out it sounds like you won't see me for awhile. ;)

Items are only introduced the first time you find them.  Thank the Golden Goddesses!

 You can hunt for food, but you can also survive without eating meat.  Vegan Link it is.

Link has these glowing bombs.  Kind of crazy looking!

Link is mining some ore.  This is like Minecraft IRL.... more like IHL... In Hylian Life...

Hey Bokoblin!  I want to AXE you a question!!!

Time of day is an influence in the game.  A lot of enemies sleep at night so you can sneak up on them.

The map seems to fill in as you explore it.

There is a temperature gauge that determines whether or not Link is dressed for the climate.

You can see Link's breath at the top of the chilly mountain.  Look at this view!

Link is now snowboarding on his shield. "Shield Surfing" degrades you shield.

You can shoot an arrow and do other things while Shield Surfing.

Stalfoes can rebuild themselves if attacked with a sword!  You must destroy their heads, Link!

Link is beating a Stalfo with his own arm.  I love this game.

You can sheath the Stalfo arm on your back - and it keeps MOVING!!!!!! O.O

And another break from Nintendo.

Now we're back on top of the Shrine of Resurrection.

 The Nintendo crew is using early access to the glider which will not be available to the public during the day's demo.

Access into Shrine elevators with the Sheikah Slate.

Magnesis Trial is the first shrine that they are exploring, but it does not have to be the first one you find on your own.

Link is unlocking the Magnesis Rune - essentially a magnet.  On that same menu screen, we can see the amiibo function off to the far right.

Little robot spider Guardian!

Link can grab treasure chests that are a distance away with the Magnesis!  WHAT?!

The shrine is fairly short, but there are supposedly hundreds of them for you to explore.  Link meets Yoda... errr... Oman Au, who set up this trial to test Link and rewards him with a Spirit Orb.

The Adventures of Link and Bouldy end... Bouldy.. You can't be the new Tiny Box Timmy.  You just can't.  No!  I said good day, sir!

We're now seeing more into a second shrine.  One of the Guardians has awakened!

Shrine of Ja Baij - it is a Bomb Trial!  This must be the glowing bombs we saw previously.

There are two types of bombs, cubical and spherical.  The round bombs can roll, as we would assume.

It looks like the bombs are limitless?  You can control the detonation of the bombs yourself.

Bombs created after you gauge refills.

Shrines are supplementary to Dungeons.

Another Break - thank the Goddesses! Bathroom break!

We're back to explore some more weapons and fighting mechanics.  ...And to have Link get attacked by bees.

You can see SO many different Bokoblin camps and shrines everywhere.  This game will be very easy to get sidetracked in.

BotW will continue to use the multiple styles of arrows.  We can see normal, fire, and bomb arrows in this demo so far.

There is a vast variety of weapons for Link to use other than his traditional arrows, swords, and bombs.  Clubs, spears, pitchforks, Stalfoe arms, axes... this game is fantastic!

You can collect your enemies' missed arrows that they tried to fire at you.

The stamina wheel is back from Skyward Sword. Not my favorite mechanic but it makes sense to not let Link run and climb endlessly.

I love how the Sheika Slate is essentially just your game pad.  I wonder how this mechanic will work with the dual launch with the NX?

Another break.

Amiibo functionality is the newest topic.

They are using the Wolf Link amiibo for the demonstration.  Wolf Link is in the game!!!  He is now your new partner.

This Link does not have a typical partner character, like in past games.  Thus the amiibo character acts as your stand in partner.

Wolf Link will go out and hunt for you when you are close enough to some prey.

 Brand new amiibo!!!  BotW Archer Link (sooooooo detailed!)

There is a Rider Link amiibo - not sure if the horse is Epona or not yet.  It has a a different coloration, so possibly not.


Here's a view from the show floor - it's beautiful!I WISH I was there!

You can see more on the amiibos here: http://e3.nintendo.com/amiibo/#zelda

Another break, coming up next, how this game connects to the original Zelda titles.

Miyamoto-san is now here to talk about Zelda's roots.

 After lots of exploration we are seeing the ruins of the Temple of Time.

We're primarily seeing more of the game play.  They are now in the the Stasis Trial, which is a really interesting mechanic.  The idea is that you can freeze time and build up kinetic energy into and object.  When you restart the flow of time, all of that energy is released.

The next part of the Treehouse presentation will be focusing on hunting and gathering.

There is a cooking mechanic in the game.  It sounds like cooked food gives you a temporarily larger health meter than usual.  I'd be curious to know if you never have more than three hearts in your regular meter and you require higher stat food for larger boss battles.

It's cooking time!  This is something that you could do in the not so popular Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.
Raw stake replenishes one heart, while a cooked stake replenishes two.

Temporary hearts are noted in yellow, given to you with special food items for a brief, extended heart meter.

I love how you can make a fire in this game.  Start a fresh fire by dropping some firewood and a piece of flint and smack it with your sword! Instant fire!  The direction of the wind can spread you fire wild, so be careful!

Oh no! Dubious Food!  It's so gross you're not even suppose to look at it!  Look at this Link guy... he's got jokes.

HOLY HYLIA - the Steppe Talus is a giant rock monster!  Kind of reminiscent to Galaxy Quest.

Spicy foods provide temporary protection from the cold.

Staying near a fire or holding a torch will also keep Link warm.  Very intuitive.

The next rune we see in this presentation is the Cryonis, which allows you to take any water you may find and turn it into a pillar of ice.

Aonuma-san is back to talk more about BotW.

I totally dig the Sheikah Slate!

My husband (Jackfelgar) just point out that this part of the timeline might follow the Hero Lost branch.  There are many connections to the original NES titles, and clearly we see lots of Hyrule in ruins.

We'll now see into two Shrines that are exclusive to the crew demo.  They will not be available for the public to try on the show floor.

The first Shrine in this exclusive duo requires you to use various power ups, rather than one you receive at the beginning of the shrine, to solve the puzzles.  Also not that the sage at the end is dressed differently from ones we've previously seen, wearing a cloth in front of their face.

Well, that looks like that's it on the news for today.  Time to head over to Miitomo and grab some sweet Zelda Gear!

This is Sherry (Linksliltri4ce) from The Legend of Cosplay signing off for PB&Awesome.
Until next time: Hut!  HYAAA!