Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nintendo Direct November 12: Super Zelda Maker Ballot Results

The first Nintendo Direct in quite a while is set to get underway this afternoon at 5 PM EST, and there is a lot of speculation about what is going to be shown.  Probably the results of the Smash Bros Ballot (along with release windows for the new characters).  Maybe Twilight Princess HD.  Definitely a small tribute to Mr. Iwata.

You can watch it live right here, but if you can't watch the video, we will also be live blogging it for you below.

We are five minutes away!

Reggie is here, thanking everyone for the kind words about Mr. Iwata.

FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: TWILIGHT PRINCESS HD!  And Link is back to being a lefty.

Also a Wolf Link amiibo.

Available March 4th!

And the new Zelda game is confirmed for 2016 on the Wii U.  Wolf Link amiibo will transfer some info.

More Zelda information with some free DLC for Tri Force Heroes.  A 30 level Den of Heroes, and two new costumes including Fierce Deity Link.  Out in December.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is next.  All 720 pokemon are in the game.  Available November 20.

Now some information on more content coming to Splatoon.  I don't have the game yet, so I don't know which of the things they are showing is actually new.

A few new stages are shown off.  One of the stages changes near the end of the match.

The museum stage will be added tomorrow, but over fourty new items of gear will be available in three hours.

An official Treehouse Splatoon Tournement is going to be streamed in December.

Mario Maker being shown off.  Over 3.3 Million courses made.  Because of this, they are launching a course portal website, where you can find levels on the go.  Coming in December.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival news.  Mario Party clone.  Yawn.

Isabelle and Digby will only be available in the bundle, and Digby will only be available while supplies last.  Scalpers are sure to drive the price up before the game even comes out.

The game comes out tomorrow, as do the other Animal Crossing amiibo.

New Mario Tennis. Even more yawn.  This game looks so barebones.

Did the 3DS version do any good?  I think people tired of it quickly.

Amiibo support.  Great.

December 4 brings us Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U.  YISSS!  I can't wait for this game!

You can download "load time data packs" which help the game load faster.  Or something.  You only need to download those if you buy the disk versions.

Nintendo Badge Arcade news.  I like the idea, but it is SUPER easy to just keep buying grabs.  You can get up to 5 free grabs every day.

Pokemon Picross.  Another "free-to-start" game.  I'm getting sick of these.  Out in December.

SteamWorld Heist, the sequel to SteamWorld Dig, is out this holiday.

FAST Racing Neo, the 60 fps Wipeout/F-Zero clone, Looks great.  Out soon.

Bill just ate 4 dozen doughnuts.  Yo-Kai Watch trailer. Available now.

Going over some recent releases on 3DS and Wii U, and other games coming out this year.

A Smash Bros & Splatoon Wii U bundle out Black Friday.


Pokken Tournament being shown.  If you don't know what this game is, it's Tekken but with Pokemon.  The first run game comes with an amiibo to unlock Shadow Mewtwo early in the game.  Out March next year.

Star Fox Zero being shown, so we will have a release date here shortly.  This game looks great.  Very excited about this.  They are going over the vehicles right now.

Here we go: April 22, 2016.

Mario & Luigi/Paper Mario cross over game.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam in January.

Moving on to Final Fantasy Explorers.  Classic Final Fantasy characters will be in the game.  You can play up to 4 player local or Wi-Fi.

The US release has all of the DLC for free.  Out January 26.

Fire Emblem Fates news now.  The game will indeed be in two separate versions, with a complete story and unique game.  If you buy one, you can get the other as a download for half price.

Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition will be all three versions.

February 19, 2016.

Oohh, now we are on to Mega Man Legacy Collection coming to the 3DS.  Mega Man 1 - 6.  Gold Mega Man amiibo coming in a collector's edition! February 23 2016.

YES! FINALLY! Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are coming to the 3DS!  All three coming February 27!  Oh man!

Hyrule Warriors Legends March 25, 2016.  Linkle is announced!  About time!

DRAGON QUEST VII AND DRAGON QUEST VIII for 3DS!! Coming to the US this summer!

Kerbal Space Program!?!? Did I miss this announcement before?  This is awesome!

Project X Zone 2 will have some Nintendo characters: Chrom and Lucina!


Special Smash Bros Direct coming in December!!