Friday, November 13, 2015

Five Mike Hosted MST3K Episodes RiffTrax Should Release

Recently, RiffTrax started MST3K Mondays, where they have been releasing episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes that you can purchase on the site.  This is definitely something that has been a long time coming, and quite frankly, something that a lot of people never thought would happen.

This whole thing got me thinking about which episodes from Joel and Mike I would most like to see released.  Two days ago, I gave you five of my favorite Joel episodes.  As soon as I finished writing that, I started working on my list of Mike episodes.  This list was even harder for me to make, because as I discovered, I really like a lot of Mike episodes.

I finally got it sorted out, and here is my wishlist of five Mike episodes.


What do you do with those Hobgoblins? They're over here.  They're over there.  Those darned Hobgoblins are everywhere but RiffTrax.

This movie was a strange amalgamation of Gremlins, Ghoulies, and sewage.    Mike has actually stated before that this movie is worse than Manos.  It's almost hard to believe, and then you watch this movie.

This one was so bad that through part of the movie, Mike and the bots sneak out and replace themselves with cardboard cutouts.

Space Mutiny

Bold Vanderhuge.  Blast Hardcheese.  Roll Fizzlebeef.  Stump Chunkman.  Whatever you decide to call the hero of this movie, Space Mutiny is one of the best episodes.  It has everything you look for in a bad movie: Overly muscular hero, bad practical effects, and Space Santa.


This was the final episode of the series' run on Comedy Central.  Even if the movie riffing wasn't good, and it is excellent, the skits alone would make this worth a release.  If you haven't seen it, just know that Mike dresses up as Captain Janeway.  Yes, from Star Trek: Voyager.  See?  That's all you needed to know before you wanted to watch this.

Time Chasers

This movie might have been interesting, but instead, it fell flat on its face after tripping on the starting blocks.

It just needed a bigger budget.  And a competent crew.  And better cast.  And a good director.  Maybe some tweaks to the script.  If it had any of those, it is a good movie.  Instead, we got a great episode of MST3K that kind of stars Mike's jerk brother Eddie, because Crow went back in time and caused a chain of events that led to Mike's death.

Jack Frost
To say this movie is weird would be the ultimate understatement.

Jack Frost is a movie based on a mishmash of various old Eastern European Fairy Tales.  The main part of the story is about Nastenka, who gets relentlessly abused by her step-mother, and it is based on the fairy tale Morozko.  Then there's the part about a guy who has a huge ego and gets turned into a bear.  And Baba Yaga is in it.

This movie is actually still shown annually around New Year's Day in some European countries.  If it is released by RiffTrax, you can also watch it every year.

Don't be surprised to see more lists like this in the near future, because there are so many great episodes of MST3K and RiffTrax should release!