Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All Donkey Kong Country & Land Games Headed to Nintendo eShop

Nintendo of Europe sent out a very interesting tweet regarding Donkey Kong Country Weeks, an upcoming sale period where you can save on digital copies of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.  All you need to do to save is buy some other Donkey Kong games that are coming to the eShop.

Click to embiggen.

Take a close look at the bottom part of those images.  Those are the six Donkey Kong games released by Nintendo and Rare on the SNES and Game Boy.  Starting this Thursday (in Europe, at least), these classic titles will start showing up on the Virtual Console for the Wii U and 3DS.

There has been no word on a NA release as of yet, but we will keep you updated if that changes.