Sunday, August 10, 2014

Strawberry MLB Pop-Tarts Part 2

When I did my original post about these trading card Pop-Tarts, I was toying around with the idea of buying another box of them, just to see what I would end up with.  Today, the opportunity to do just that presented itself in the form of my son, who told me he wanted some strawberry Pop-Tarts.

To catch you up to speed, here is my checklist as of the first post:

Still hoping to get the Tigers!

First pack. If nothing else, I hope that I don't get the MLB logo again.

Philly and Houston.  Even if these teams are insufferable, at least the icing coverage is better on these.  Also, after looking at these, I really hope they don't ever make cheesesteak Pop-Tarts.  I know that Hot Pockets already covers that market, but Hot Pockets can be frozen.  Pop-Tarts have to be shelf-stable.  No good could ever possibly come from the words "shelf-stable meat".

On to the second pack!

Okay, this one is a split package here.  I like the Brewers okay (even if they do share a state with the Packers), but thanks to my father and his love for the team, I absolutely hate the Pirates.


Okay, I can deal with these two teams.  I've never had anything against San Diego, and I don't mind the Twins.

Fun Fact: my mother lived in Minnesota for a time. I got a visor that was kind of like Geordi's from TNG from some shop in the Mall of America.  

On to the last package.  Please let there be a Tigers logo on one of these!

Crap!  And although most of them are on the back, I find it very amusing that the Toronto one is covered in cracks.  Because Rob Ford.  

Well, I didn't get the Tigers, but at least I didn't get the Yankees, Red Sox, or that God forsaken MLB logo.  And in the end, all that matters is the fact that I got some strawberry Pop-Tarts to eat.

And if you are wondering whether or not I will be getting more of these, the answer is probably yes.