Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Limited Edition Birthday Cake Pop-Tarts

This year is a milestone for Kellogg's, because fifty years ago, they started selling Pop-Tarts.  To celebrate fifty years, they have released a new flavor of Pop-Tart: Birthday Cake.  And unfortunately, instead of giving us gold for this special occasion, they only gave us silver.

I like that the whole background of this packaging is a Pop-Tart, however, I feel that this box is too busy overall.  They easily could have dropped one of the big circles by combining the "50th Birthday" circle with the "Limited Edition Flavor" circle.  It would have made the design a little cleaner, but not have made it less eye-catching.

The pastries look fine, and thankfully my concern about icing issues were alleviated upon opening the package.  I was also worried about sprinkle distribution, and turned out not to be the case either.

Usually, when you open some Pop-Tarts, you can smell the flavor they are supposed to be.  Like with pumpkin pie or red velvet Pop-Tarts.  With these, all I could smell was crust.  It was very odd.  I didn't like it, and it got me worried about the taste.

These birthday cake Pop-Tarts don't taste bad.  They also don't taste that good.  The best way I can think to describe this flavor is that it reminds me of an undercooked cake.  And with the filling, it even had a similar texture.  It would have been better if they had gone with a cake batter flavor instead of trying to do cake itself.  This flavor is at an uncomfortable middle-ground between the two.  Eating this flavor was like baking yourself a birthday cake and eating it alone in your apartment, wallowing in loneliness. 

Overall, I was disappointed in this flavor.  I was excited about it until I ate them.  They look fun and exciting, but taste mediocre.  Therefore, this is going to be the first flavor that I will not tell you to run right out and purchase.  Unless you are like me, and need to try every new flavor of Pop-Tarts, you can skip this one all together.