Thursday, November 21, 2013

R.I.P. Winamp - April 1997 - December 2013

For me and other people who don't like to let go of things, Christmas is going to suck this year.  Why?  Because our present is going to be the loss of a much loved (and admittedly outdated) bit of llama whipping software.

Yes, I still use Winamp at home and on my Android phone.  Yes, I have all of my music on Google Music, but I generally don't use that.  The main reason being that I don't need access to my entire music library at all times.

I've been using Winamp since it was released, and I don't plan on stopping.  Ever.  Why should I?  I'm already hearing "stop hanging on to the past", "look at these grandpas who dont have a youtube playlist set up", and "use Spotify and don't live in the year 1000 B.C."  If that's the case, then get off my lawn!  I'm going to keep using it until I don't have a computer anymore.  Don't like it?  Go back to walking around with your earbuds plugged into your phone, ignoring everyone around you, and playing music so loud that you are completely negating the idea behind earbuds (Protip: people shouldn't be able to hear your earbuds loud enough to know what you are listening to).  I'm going to stop myself here, because I feel a rant against earbuds coming on, and I don't want to go full on Grandpa today.

In closing, I just want to say AOL sucks, and goodnight sweet prince.