Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Movie Madness '13: Innocent Blood

It's October!  The doorway to not only the start of the greatest food season (early October to Christmas), but also to sexy nurses, zombies, and grown men dressing up like ponies.  That also means it is time once again for Halloween Movie Madness!  This year, I'll be taking a look back at the movies of my youth.  Every movie this year was released before I turned eighteen.  These are the Halloween movies that shaped me into the man I am today.  Some of them are scary.  Some are funny.  Some are fantastical.  Some are just weird.  And not all of them are good.  But to me, they are all Halloween movies.  Now, stand back, for your own safety! 

Innocent Blood

One of my favorite things about Halloween Movie Madness is introducing people to movies they have never heard of.  Heck, it's one of my favorite things in general.  Yesterday, I introduced a lot of people to Q: The Winged Serpent for the first time, and I know a few people who are going to hunt it down so they can watch it. Today's movie isn't going to be any different.

Innocent Blood is a surprisingly little known movie by John Landis, the man behind An American Werewolf in London, Spies Like Us, and The Stupids.  It is a vampire/mob/horror/comedy/romance(!) that takes place in Philadelphia.  Marie is our main vampire, but she has a conscience.  She only eats criminals, and she makes sure that they won't come back as vampires.  Then she eats local crime boss Robert Loggia, but doesn't get to finish him off, so he comes back to be an undead (one of the best parts in the movie), blood-sucking crime boss, who starts turning his underlings into more vampires.  And he eats Don Rickles (who comes back, only to die in the sunlight in a visually amazing scene!).  And the final showdown between the vampire mob boss, the vampire seductress, and the undercover cop is visually spectacular, even by today's standards.

This is one of the few movies that I feel like I'm cheating with, because it hasn't been that long since I watched it.  It is actually a movie I watch at least once a year, maybe more.  That means my memories of it are pretty fresh, and it doesn't do me any good to compare my memories with the actual movie.

Just know that it is violent, sexy, and funny.  That alone should be enough for you to want to see it.

So, no more talking about the movie.  We will just move on to the gifs without context.

See you tomorrow for Spaced Invaders!