Friday, July 12, 2013

The Best of Metalocalypse

One of the best shows on TV in recent years is Adult Swim's Metalocalypse.  It is a very over the top, brutal, and vulgar cartoon about Dethklok, the greatest fictional metal band of all time.  The show itself will apparently come to a close with this fall's hour-long rock opera movie Metalocalypse: The Doom Star Requiem, but the band's music and antics will live on forever. 

To celebrate the possible end of one of my most beloved shows, here is a list, in no particular order, of my favorite episodes.

1. Skwisklok - Season 1, Episode 11

This is the episode that brought us Pickles Nickels, Murderface Murder Knobs, Toki Wartooth's endorsement of Willard Wonky Candy - Hand Candy (Candy. It tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy!), Nathan's Explosion BBQ Sauce, and the Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class.

Toki becomes a diabetic due to his endorsement deal, because he just sits around eating candy all the time, and he thinks they should make insulin candy.

2.  Dethhealth - Season 3, Episode 3

After almost dying in one of the horrible accidents that always plague their concerts, Dethklok agrees to go see a doctor.  They then decide to take the weekend to "detox", which entails going to the Caribbean and getting absolutely messed up.  When they return, they decide they need to clean their system somehow and trick the doctor, so they decide on drinking bleach.

"Uh, maybe this ams a stupid question, but why don't you just pours bleach into ours cups of urines?"

"Bleach is healthy. It's mostly water.  And we're mostly water, therefore, we are bleach."

And the guys are all afraid of dying, and they don't want to call it that.  Instead, they refer to it as "hamburger time."

I'm forcing myself to stop there, but there is so much more great stuff in this episode that I want to keep talking about.

3. Dethcamp - Season 4, Episode 7

Toki goes to Rock-A-Roonie Fantasy Camp in disguise to try and make some new friends.  It turns out that Magnus Hammersmith (the guy Toki replaced in Dethklok) is there, and the rest of the band shows up there to "rescue" him.  This is an outstanding episode with a great (and somewhat unexpected) "Nathan as protector" moment.

4. The Curse of Dethklok - Season 1, Episode 1

The pilot episode.  The one that started it all.  This episode was an excellent way to introduce us to the world of Metalocalypse.  To the brutality, mayhem, and metal that permeates the land.  And we also got a trip to the food library.

"Two cups of rice."


5. Rehabklok - Season 3, Episode 8

Out of the entire series, this episode is my favorite.  It is a Pickles-centric rock opera episode about him getting sent to rehab and being replaced by a drum machine (until he can get clean).  The drum machine becomes sentient and refuses to be replaced.

Everything about this episode is superb, and there are parts where I still get goosebumps while watching it.  It just does everything so perfectly.  The whole thing feels very grand, and if Metalocalypse: The Doom Star Requiem can capture the same spirit as this episode, we are in for one gigantic treat.

I wish I could sit here and keep on writing about the great episodes of this series, but if I did, I would be going through almost every single episode.  Yes, there are episodes that are not as strong as others, but none of them are actually bad episodes.  They all deserve to be watched.