Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Five Must-Have RiffTrax Video on Demand Movies

Last week, I gave you a list of five RiffTrax Shorts that you absolutely need to purchase.  This time, I have another RiffTrax list: Five Must-Have RiffTrax Video on Demand Movies.

These are the videos that will really take you back to the glory of MST3K.  The only thing missing are commercial breaks and the skit segments.  And the weird editing decisions that were sometimes made.

The movies on this list are not just my own personal choices, but they are favorites of the RiffTrax faithful.

1.  RiffTrax LIVE: Birdemic

Birdemic Live Slrpnls
Such as seals.
Widely regarded as one of the worst movies ever made, this RiffTrax Live presentation of Birdemic is a great way to experience this riff.  Being able to watch it with a crowd is great, and really adds to the energy of the thing.  Also, you get to watch one of the completely outstanding Norman shorts!  Slrpnls!

2.  Frankenstein Island

Frankenstein Island
Get me outta this movie!
Combine a hot air ballooning accident, Amazon women, mutants, and an ancestor of Dr. Frankenstein, and you have something that bares some semblance to a movie.  Not much, but there is enough there to make you say, "yep, that was a thing."  It has a 1.8/10 rating on IMDB for a reason.

3.  Cool as Ice

As close to "thug gangsta" as Vanilla Ice ever got.
If you are anywhere near my age group, you probably saw this movie in theaters.  Don't lie.  You probably even thought you liked it,and you walked around telling all the honeys to drop the zero and get with a hero.  Well, you were wrong.  This movie is bad and you should feel bad.  I'm guessing Kat, the girl he was after in this movie was his roni?  I don't know.  I never thought that made any sense, and it's especially worse now that I'm older.  All I know is that when the doorbell rings, I'm going to say "roni".

Also, this movie features Steven Keaton. 

4.  The Guy from Harlem

Gently rubbin' fool's necks to death!
If I were ranking these movies, The Guy from Harlem would be at the top.  And not just of the VoD heap either, this is right up at the top of the Shorts and MP3 commentary tracks (those are the "current" movies, like Twilight and The Last Airbender, which I will feature soon).  This riff is amazingly funny.  I really hope you like burnt meat and crappy scotch.

 5.  Santa & The Ice Cream Bunny

I've talked about this movie here before, so instead of talking about it again, here is a video showing one of Bill's best riff lines ever.

Hopefully next week I will have figured out which five MP3 tracks you need to have that aren't all Twilight movies.  Because those are amazing.  If not, I have five more Shorts that you need to buy, and I will be sharing those with you