Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Animated Gif Scrapbook 2: Gif Harder

Last week, I showcased a selection of animated gifs from an old CD that is full of them.  By full, I mean there are two hundred and forty-six gifs on it, and most of them are under 30KB.  So, the disc barely has any of the space filled.

Anyway, instead of going through and posting all of the gifs by category like I had planned, I've decided to just share my favorites from this collection.  So you won't be getting all of the cutting edge gifs from 1995, you'll just be getting the best of the best.  Or worst, if you are a sane person.  Clearly, I am not.
Suitcase Animated Gif
What sane person imagines this thing going "NOMNOMNOM"?

Before I get to the rest of the gifs, I wanted to share the system requirements for this CD.

For an IBM PC:
  • 386 PC
  • 4mb RAM
  • SVGA graphics (256 colors with 640x480)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • mouse
  • Windows 3.1/NT/95 or OS/2
I think my favorite thing about those specs is the fact that it lists the mouse.  And the fact that you can use OS/2.  I had forgotten about OS/2 until I saw it listed on this disc.  I never used OS/2, and the only exposure I ever had to it at all was through ads for OS/2 Warped.

I love the absurdity of some of these, either because of the category they are placed in, or because there is no reason for anyone to use them.
Fly in a jar gif

That was under "BUSINESS", among the address book, computer, file cabinet, desk, the bouncing crayon, and crazy chart gifs.

Crazy Chart gifBouncing Crayon Gif

Yes, serious business indeed.

Moving on to the "ANIMALS" category, I first wanted to point out the quill firing porcupine.  If they could do that in real life, they would be one of the most terrifying animals on the planet (only second to pelicans).

You see that worm? TERRIFYING. That one would be number three.

Next, let's have a sampling from the "Leisure" folder.

Something about that swirl tells me this isn't a normal cigarette.

So far, leisure seems to be all about drinking and smoking.

Ah yes, nothing says relaxing like salt and pepper.

Okay.  Wait.  Smoking, drinking, and hard drugs?  That explains everything about these gifs.

I'll post the rest of my favorites later this week.