Monday, October 15, 2012

HMM '12 Day 15: Evolution

It's finally October! That means two very important things: Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts are here, and Halloween is near! My favorite thing to do in October to prepare myself for Halloween is to, of course, watch movies that I feel best exemplify the season. Now, this doesn't just mean extreme gore fests (of course, I do love me some gore), but I like to include movies that have that Halloween feel. Anyway, let's get to Day 15 of Halloween Movie Madness 2012!

(DreamWorks, 2001)

Last night's movie was Evolution, a.k.a. Ghostbusters With Aliens Instead.  It is even an Ivan Reitman film, so that is even more accurate.  And Dan Aykroyd has a role in the movie as the Governor of Arizona. 

This movie takes place in Arizona (of course), and things kick off when Stiffler almost gets crushed by a meteor out in the desert.  This meteor is carrying some organisms on it, and they start to evolve at an extremely rapid rate.  They cover two million years in a few hours.  This evolutionary process is discovered by Agent Mulder and that guy from MADtv, who are both teachers at the local community college. Along with Julianne Moore, they are the only four people who can stop the alien menace.  All it takes is a giant shampoo enema.

Between Glen Canyon Community and Greendale Community College, I'm really starting to feel ripped off by the community college I work at.  We don't have any wacky adventures of any kind around here.  Why must Hollywood continually lie to me?!?!

One thing I noticed while watching this movie is the fact that two of the big events in the movie revolve around an anus.  One has an alien bug in it, and the other one has a load of Head & Shoulders shampoo in it.  Apparently, Head & Shoulders is good for dandruff control and alien extermination.  Who knew?

This is the alien's tongue

This is another good one to watch if you prefer movies with more of a comedic edge to them, but you still like seeing people being attacked by creatures.