Saturday, January 5, 2019

Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts: The Terrible Truth

It's Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts, our new series where the title is almost as long as the actual reviews!  We are going to take a look at a RiffTrax Short every day this year, until we run out of shorts.  That will get us through the majority of the year, so strap in for madness!

(Released February 27, 2008)

Dope.  The great Communist plot to take down Amedica.  And America.

This short is all about the terrible truth that the commies want to turn our nation's youth into marijuana users, because then they will turn to heroin, which in turn will lead to a life of crime(because that's how you pay for your H).

This short also has the feature of having a guy doing a voice over while also appearing on camera and talking about... something else apparently.  His mouth doesn't even come close to matching the words we hear.  It's weird and a little unsettling.

Anyway, we get to hear from Phyllis about how she started smoking reefer and ended up using and selling heroin, which ultimately led to her arrest.

I haven't watched this one in a while, and watching it again brought out more than a few chuckles.  And I still can't get over the thought that dope came from the commies, especially since it doesn't come up until very close to the end.

I give this four fiending faces out of five.