Saturday, January 12, 2019

Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts: One Got Fat

It's Short Reviews of RiffTrax Shorts, our new series where the title is almost as long as the actual reviews!  We are going to take a look at a RiffTrax Short every day this year, until we run out of shorts.  That will get us through the majority of the year, so strap in for madness!

(Released April 17, 2008)

Ready for a dose of nightmare fuel?  You better be if you want to watch this Short!  Think I'm over-exaggerating?

See what I mean?

These nine monkey-human mutants are riding their bikes to a park for a picnic.  And since they are goofy little hell beasts, they don't know proper bicycle safety.  They get taken out through various methods—getting hit by a truck, falling down a manhole, and getting flattened by a steam roller, for example—and there is only one survivor.

I have watched this countless times, and it is still funny as hell to me.  This one is already hilarious, but add in some amazing riffs and you have the prefect way to spend fourteen and a half minutes.

This isn't just a PB&A Essential, it is one of the greatest shorts they have ever released. It gets five flattened monkeys out of five.

This Short is also featured in Night of the Shorts: SF Sketchfest 2016.