Wednesday, November 8, 2017

He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Magazine Winter 1988

Tonight, I am going to highlight a few of my favorite things from this magazine that I recently found going through a box of old books.  I also found the comic adaptation of the Masters of the Universe movie and another He-Man comic, but that's for another night.

Let's dig right in, shall we?

The Advertisements

One of the first things we are graced with is, of course, the ads.  I know how much people hate ads, but I love old ads from my childhood.  And hey, there weren't a ton of them in here.

Most of what was here were for T.V. shows.  There was an ad for BraveStarr, Rainbow Brite, The Popples, Lady Lovelylocks, and The Get Along Gang.  The best show that had an ad in this magazine actually had two of them.

Captain Power.  A show that was ahead of its time.  As shown in the second ad, the gimmick with this show was that it was "interactive" if you had certain toys.  I had the toy shown in that ad too.

In fact...

No ship, but I still have the good Captain himself.

There are plenty of videos up on YouTube showing this stuff in action.  I loved it as a kid.

The other ad that flooded me with memories of something I loved as a kid is this one:

Striped Chips Ahoy!  I loved these things.  I would probably buy way too many packages if they released them again.  And there was really nothing super special about them. 

I would still buy a ton of them though.

Letter from He-Man

Seeing He-Man talk about the Winter Olympics and calling wrapping paper "neat" is almost a little surreal.  Especially if you read it in his voice from the cartoon.  Or even better, Dolph Lundgren's voice.

And you would think with all that snow he would cover up a little better.  A metal chest plate does not a good winter garment make.

Fan Art!

Nothing really snarky to say here, because I genuinely enjoy these.  They are all drawn better then what I could have done in 1988.  Or now for that matter.

Power Puzzles

These were two of the games included in this issue.  I love the first one, because it looks like Sssqueeze is trying to pull some sort of prank on Skeletor, who is busy protecting his private bathroom from Beast Man (he doesn't want a repeat of the aftermath from Taco Night).

And the second one is after Skeletor caught him.

Gift Wrap Poster

And now, the best part of this find!  This is the wrapping paper that was earlier referred to as "neat."  That doesn't even begin to describe what is going on here.

Let's do a rundown of what is happening:
  • A very excited He-Man wrapping a gift.
  • She-Ra, Orko, and Extendar decorating a tree.
  • King Randor and Teela making a snowman.
  • Snout Spout and Clamp Champ delivering toys in a snowmobile.
  • Blade, The Sorceress, Skeleton, Stonedar, Man-at-Arms, and Cringer singing carols.
And that artwork is fantastic!  This might be some of the best wrapping paper ever, but I will not be using it as such.  This bad boy, which is actually the size of four pages together, is getting laminated and turned into a Christmas decoration to be hung each year.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch the He-Man & She-Ra Christmas special and make this night complete.