Friday, December 30, 2016

Must-have RiffTrax Releases of 2016

One of the weirdest and saddest years is almost at an end.  A good way to celebrate the death of 2016 is with copious amounts of booze.  An even better way is to watch a bunch of terrible movies get the RiffTrax treatment they deserve!

Let's take a look at some of the standout releases from RiffTrax from this past year so you can enjoy the death throes of 2016.

What a delightfully bonkers movie.  You want bizarre deaths? Ghosts? An old man in a wheelchair on the verge of death? Attack of the 50 Foot Woman?  Ruby has them all, and more.

They say it is one of the weirdest movies they have ever done, and I think that is selling it short.

This was also my favorite release of the year.

If you've seen Fun In Balloon Land and/or Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, then you have stared into the face of madness.  Christmas Circus causes that face to awaken, and attempt to have a conversation with you.  After you watch it, your perception of reality will be forever altered.

And that's not even touching the included short about Christmas trees with faces.

This was the first movie that started RiffTrax.  This was originally a solo riff by Mike.  For the ten year anniversary this year, they released a new riff, featuring all brand new jokes and all three guys.  I never watched the original riff, but this new one was exceptional!

From the studio that brought us Time Chasers and Radical Jack comes this "thrilling" "action" movie starring Samwise Gamgee, Autolycus, and Asahi T-shirt Guy.  We don't know what the bad guy is doing, but we do know that Stacy Keach doesn't approve of his daughter dating Sean Astin.  And we also know that this riff is very entertaining because of this train wreck.