Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Carnival of Souls is The Next RiffTrax Live on October 27

We are two weeks away from RiffTrax Live: Mothra, but now it looks like we know what the next RiffTrax Live show is and when it will take place!

Yes, the guys will be taking on Carnival of Souls on October 27!  This is pretty exciting to me, because I never watched the version they released nine years ago.  I won't need to any time soon, either, because I will be waiting for the live show (I always prefer the live shows to the studio versions of their riffs, mostly because the energy is better).  In fact, I've never even seen the movie sans riff.

This show will probably be announced at the start of the Mothra live show, but we have yet to be wrong about these leaks.

Source: AMC Theaters | Fandango.com