Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Birdemic Director Trying to Shock & Terror-ize Independant Artist

This is James Nguyen.  He is the man responsible for a few notoriously bad movies, such as seals.  He is the director of Birdemic: Shock & Terror, Birdemic 2, and the currently in production Birdemic 3.  He is also stirring up a bit of controversy.

On August 17, David Chadwick (a.k.a. Sugar Ray Dodge), received an email that claimed to be from Mr. Nguyen.  At first, he wasn't sure if it was real, or just one of his friends or readers playing a prank.

Those are some pretty serious claims and threats. You may be wondering what they were in regards to?

David is the artist and author of the Mystery Science Storybook.  These are collections of children's storybook versions of bad movies, usually those featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 or RiffTrax.

This is the alleged "sequel" that was written to Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

Click the first page to read the chapter.
The email wasn't taken seriously at first, but it turns out the threats were real.  More emails were exchanged, and then David received an email containing a forwarded message from a Copyright/Trademark Agent at Amazon.com.  His first two books had been up for sale for the Kindle, but now Amazon was in the process of removing the first book (which included the Attack of the Birds chapter).

A few days later, the book was removed from not only Amazon, but also from Blurb.

Even though this work is clearly a parody, and thus is covered by Fair Use, but once they got their DMCA notices, the material was removed without question.

David is currently working on an special chapter titled CEAST & DESIST, which will be made available on his website SugarRayDodge.com.

Neither James Nguyen or Moviehead Pictures returned a request for comments at the time of this post's publishing.