Thursday, December 11, 2014

RiffTrax: The Christmas Marathon Playlist

It's that time of year once again.  Christmas songs fill the airwaves, and Christmas specials show up on all of the TV stations.  The standards of each are still entertaining and enjoyable to watch with family and friends, but what do you turn on if you want something a little different?  What if you want to show them something with professional jokes by professional comedy professionals?  It sounds like you need a little RiffTrax Christmas marathon (if there can be a marathon for Turkey Day, then damn it, Christmas can have one too).

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

Yes, I know I have talked about this one more than I have talked about any other riff (this marks the fourth time), but that is with good reason.  The above clip is the single greatest moment in any RiffTrax that has been released.  That alone makes this the perfect start to your marathon.

This is another one that I have talked about at length on the site before.  For any of you who were able to go see RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus, Santa's Village of Madness is the perfect follow up.  It even has some good callbacks to the Ice Cream Bunny, which is why I placed this one directly after the previous insanity.

I'm not trying to melt your brains, I swear!

Magic Christmas Tree

This was the first Christmas special that was released by RiffTrax.  It features some really old toy commercials, a short called The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives, and Magic Christmas Tree.  It is a great addition to anyone's RiffTrax library, and it more than deserves this spot in the Christmas playlist!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

No, not the one everyone knows and loves!  This is the cartoon version that came out twenty years before the epic tale of greed, bullying, and dentistry.  This tale has a decidedly different version of Rudolph's origin story.  This is a great short to show right before the final riff of the evening...

RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

The RiffTrax Live shows always have such a great energy about them, and that makes this the perfect note to end your marathon with.  The movie itself has enjoyed cult classic status for a while now, and was also done as an episode of MST3K.  This new riff, however, is quite spectacular, and stands as one of the best live shows they have ever done.  "All the Chinese restaurants are full of Jews!" is one of the greatest lines ever spoken by Bill.

And there you have it: the perfect way to spend RiffTraxmas!