Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: New Poppin' Pebbles

When I was at the store last weekend, I came across a nice little surprise in the cereal isle.

Now, we don't have cable, and the kids watch most of their stuff on Hulu Plus and Netflix, so I don't know if they have been airing any commercials for these things.  I have no idea when they came out, or how popular they are, but I saw them and knew I needed to try them (because I'm a pig, apparently).

I have no idea who came up with this one over at Post, but it feel like there were a bunch of people stuck in a conference room for thirteen hours until they came up with a new idea for Pebbles cereal, and they agreed to this just so they could all go home.  Jenson's wife was going into labor, and everyone had to agree on something before they could leave.  Either that, or some little kid wrote them a letter.
Dear Fred,

I love your fruity pebbles and i thing it wuld be cooler if you put POPROCKS in it! POPROCKS is awesome and your cereal is awesome to so just think how more awesome it is if you mix them up all together!!!!

Your Best Friend,

p.s. i also relly like berrys so make them taste like that

And a marketing guy saw it and thought it was brilliant, so he rushed them into production.

Those are the only two feasible ways that this cereal came to be.

This is the part that concerned me the most: fizzes.  To me, "fizzes" indicates a foamy bubbling, like Alka-Seltzer.  I don't want to pour milk on my cereal and end up with something resembling a volcano from an elementary school science fair. 

This only made matters worse!  It cemented the Alka-Seltzer idea into my head, and I really thought things were going to go horribly wrong when I ate some.  However, I knew I needed to trudge on in this experiment.  For better or worse, this had to be done.

When I opened the bag, I was greeted by a puff of mixed berry smell.  It smells exactly like Glade Mixed Berry air freshener spray, only not quite as strong.  So far, so good.

I picked out a few of the "poppin' pieces" before just diving in, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

As you can see, the green colored part is simply a coating.  A coating that protects the insides from milk.  And when I bit into one, it did not fizz in the way I was anticipating, but instead it popped.  Much like Pop Rocks do.  And when I poured my milk on the cereal, nothing out of the ordinary happened.  The milk didn't erupt, nor did it turn green.  No word on what would happen if I replaced the milk with Coca-Cola.

And for the flavor, they were comparable to any other berry flavored breakfast cereal aimed at children.  Nothing really stands out about that particular aspect.

For the final verdict, I would say that this cereal is just fine, and not disgusting in any way as I had originally assumed.  I'm actually a bit disappointed by that, because I was ready to write about how gross this bubbling cereal was.  Of course, we might still get there someday.