Monday, December 16, 2013

The Peanut Butter And Awesome White Elephant Party

On Saturday, we had our first ever Peanut Butter And Awesome White Elephant Party, and it turned out to be a rousing success!  Even with the terrible road conditions, everyone came, had fun, and got some truly terrible gifts.  And just as I had predicted, my gift won the Best Worst Gift award.

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You can check out the full list of gifts below!

Here is what was given:
  • A giant painting of some palm trees
  • The Worst Case Scenario Survival Game: The Office
  • A wind-up dancing soldier with two laser guns and bacon playing cards
  • A Boobie Beanie (which I won and am seductively wearing in the picture)
  • Two instant lotto tickets (pre-scratched and losers), a VHS tape rewinder, and a 2003 NFL Trivia DVD game
  • Four movies on VHS (The Vindicator, Prince of Pennsylvania, Casual Sex, and Crocodile Dundee II) with a pack of condoms
  • A mug set with some tea
  • Three different flavors of SPAM
  • A fake mustache (Bottom Shelf Russ ended up with that one)
  • A Fart Machine
  • A book called The Horny Ghost of Osama Bin Laden and a CD called Pull My Finger (99 tracks of farts) - This was the gift I gave.  You can see why it won.

After enjoying food, drink, and horrible gifts, we played Cards Against Humanity for two and a half hours.  Everyone loved it, even the people there who are normally very reserved.

All in all, it seemed like a big hit, and I can't wait for next year!