Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Movie Madness 2013 - It Begins Tomorrow

For those who weren't around for last year's Halloween Movie Madness, I want to give you a breakdown of how things work.  Starting tomorrow night, and then every night until October 30 I will be watching a Halloween-ish movie.  The next day, I will be posting my write up on the movie I watched the night before.  This year, the format is going to be a bit different.  Since I am going to be watching movies that I remember (at least partially) from my childhood (well, up until I turned 18 anyway), I will start off with my main memories of the movie, and then compare them to what actually happens in the movie.  I'm sure I'm misremembering more than a few things. 

Tomorrow, before I watch my first movie, I will be revealing the full list of movies I am watching this year.

I am so excited!