Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tiny Toys I Found While Moving

As previously mentioned, my live has been hectic lately.  The main reason for that is the fact that we have been moving into a new house.  This process has allowed me to rediscover some little figures that I had stored away in a drawer for some reason.  All I can think is that I wanted my future self to discover them, wonder why in the world they were put away like they were, and make a post about them.

Since that is what I am choosing to believe, you get to look at them too!  I also have decided to include Itchy and a special guest for a handy size comparison.

1. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

These guys are looking a bit rough.  I don't remember having these years ago when they would have been new, but I must have played with them a lot, because they have a bunch of wear and tear.  I also think that the Pink Ranger and Black Ranger have the best mixed-up poses.

Finding these also gave me an excuse to use one of our new camera's built in "magic frames".

I'm such a nerd.
I also had to do a size comparison with Itchy, just so you can see how small they really are.

That isn't the last of the Power Rangers!  I also found this version of the Black Ranger, who was presumably supposed to be attached to a motorcycle of some sort.  I don't have said vehicle, so you will have to settle for an old USB stick.

2. Magneto

Cerebro. Magneto.
Magneto. Cerebro? Magneto! Cerebro.

Sorry, had some RiffTrax Flashbacks. Cerebro.  Anyway, This particular version of Magneto just looks friendly. Like he's waving to you and letting out a friendly , "Cerebro!"

And Headpool decided he wanted to join in the fray, so I figured it would be better to let him than to have him bite me.

3. Donatello

I'm not sure what costume Donny is sporting here, but I like to think it is a Ghostbuster suit.

Unlike the others, this little figure also has movable arms and legs.

4. Alien

I honestly have no idea where this guy is from.  He kind of reminds me a little bit of Trumpy (MST3K Episode: Pod People), so I like him.  If anyone knows who it is and where it is from, I would love to know!

5. Carlos Pepper

I have had this rifle wielding pepper for at least ten years now.  He used to be sitting on top of our old computer monitor, but he fell off and landed behind the computer desk.  I'll admit, I kind of forgot about him until I moved everything.  Now, he will be able to enjoy a resting place on the desk next to all of the Deadpools.