Friday, June 28, 2013

Son of Must-Have RiffTrax Shorts

The library of RiffTrax Shorts is a vast and confusing place.  It is one where you can hear the call of drugs, choking, and turkeys.  It can be hard to figure out why to spend your hard earned dollar (or two) on.  Don't worry though, because I am here to make it all okay.  And to help you make up your mind by showing you five more of the best of the best RiffTrax Shorts.

1.  The Other Fellow's Feelings

This is an old short from the '50s about a girl who drops a perfume bottle and the boy who thinks it stinks.  The boy turns into a relentless douchebag about the whole ordeal, and the girl eventually ends up in tears.  So it was just like my middle school years.

2.  County Fair

ACI (the same insane asylum posing as a movie studio behind At Your Fingertips: Grasses and One Turkey, Two Turkey) is back with another of my favorite shorts.  This one features even more insipid singing.  We get songs about Ferris Wheel going around in a circle, like the Merry-Go-Round, but it goes up and down instead, and a song about how a horse is not a Merry-Go-Round.  We also lose Bill at the end of this one.

3.  Paper And I

This one is great purely thanks to the insanity levels.  This short is about a little kid who, while sick, makes friends with a magic talking paper bag.  The bag takes the boy at night to see how paper is made.  Then it uses its satanic powers to make all of the paper in the world vanish.  Keep your eyes peeled for the gonad jabber.

4.  Feelings: Feeling Alone

The subject matter in this short is the most depressing out of all of them.  I'm assuming that it is part of a series on feelings, but I have no clue.  Feelings: Feeling Alone deals with kids who have no friends, parents who constantly fight, and kids who sing about wanting their parents to yell at them.  Thankfully, the guys help us to laugh through the sadness.

5.  Seat Belts: The Life Saving Habit

This is a short from the early '80s about people with poor excuses as to why they don't wear seat belts.  And even though the only crashes they show are dummies, it is brutal.  Still, the guys make it very funny!

The great thing about sharing these with you is that I have the perfect excuse to watch a bunch of them again.  Also, you'd better believe I will have more lists to share soon.  While you wait for them with bated breath, check out my first and second lists of must-have RiffTrax shorts and the list of five must-have RiffTrax Video on Demand features.