Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why I Love Forget Paris & You Should Too

Forget Paris Poster

My last Why I Love post was for a dark, goofy comedy.  This time, we're going to touch on a goofy romantic comedy: Forget Paris. Forget Paris stars Billy Crystal as Mickey, Debra Winger as Ellen, two people who meet in Paris through unusual circumstances, and then proceed to have a dysfunctional marriage that rivals my parent's.  At least this one ends better. 

I don't remember the first time I watched the movie, but I do remember really liking it.  I actually showed it to my wife on the same weekend getaway that I made her watch The Stupids.  That's besides the point.

Let's take a look at some of the reasons that you should love Forget Paris as much as I do.

1. Mickey is a Referee for the NBA

Forget Paris Detroit Pistons

Mickey is one of the best refs in the NBA, and that of course means that we get to see the acting chops of some NBA Players.  There are quite a few players in this movie, and they are pretty big name people at that.  In fact, here is the full list of players we see:

  • Charles Barkley
  • David Robinson
  • Dan Majerle
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Sean Elliott
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Tim Hardaway
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Bill Laimbeer
  • Reggie Miller
  • Chris Mullin
  • Charles Oakley
  • Kurt Rambis
  • John Starks
  • Isiah Thomas
  • Spud Webb
Seeing Bill Laimbeer threatening Billy Crystal is great.

2.  Bird on Head

Forget Paris Debra Winger Bird on Head

After they get married, Ellen is at home alone while Mickey is back out on the road for work.  She sees a mouse in their apartment, and she calls the exterminator.  He comes and puts out some glue traps.  Well, a pigeon gets stuck on one, so she takes it to the vet so they can get the bird off of it.  On the way, she hits a pothole, and the bird flies up and sticks to her face.  This might actually be my favorite part of the movie.

3.  The Father-In-Law

Forget Paris You Asked For It You Got It Toyota

Ellen's father, Arthur, moves in with the couple after they buy a house, because he can't live on his own and her brothers didn't want him.  That is because, well, let's just say it's how I see myself when I'm old.  His favorite past time is reading signs out loud when they are driving around town.  And his favorite phrase is "you asked for it, you got it. Toyota."  In the span of about ten minutes, he says it eight times.  Yes, I counted.

4.  The Fertility Doctor

Forget Paris Cup of Sperm

Mickey and Ellen are trying to get pregnant, but things aren't working as they would like.  So, they go to a fertility doctor.  Mickey has to "fill a cup", but he can't do it in the little room at the doctor's, because he isn't comfortable.  Turns out he lives close enough to go home and do it there, but he has to haul ass back to the doctor's office.  Of course, on the way back, he gets pulled over.  While trying to explain things to the cop, he is only making matters worse.  Finally he gets the cop to understand, and he ends up with a police escort to the office.

5.  Have Some Bread

This movie has some great dialogue.  I would be remiss if I didn't give you two of my favorite lines in the movie.

"Have some bread.  Everything will look better after bread."

"Hey. Hey! Hey, listen to me! If someone does not tell me about this baby, asses will be kicked!"

There are plenty of other great moments in this movie, like when Mickey flips out and throws Kareem Abdul-Jabbar out from his farewell game, or when he takes Homer Simpson on a test drive when he starts selling cars for a while, but I need to give you guys a reason to watch the movie.