Friday, February 22, 2013

Animated Gif Jackpot (56k Warning)

Last October, I managed to find an amazing site full of animated gifs.  As a person who loves the nostalgia of old GeoCities and Angelfire websites, I was in poorly animated heaven.I didn't think it could get any better.

Then I found this:

Take a minute to soak it in.  I don't know what my favorite bit is either.  I really like the Windows 3.1 compatibility, but what puts it over the top is being able to use it on OS/2 (it's a hip-hop operating system).

This magical little CD contains 246 gifs, and all of them are horribleoutstanding.  There are a number of categories, ranging from Animals, to Dividers, to Home, and Leisure.
John Quincy Adams Bilbo Baggings Animated Gif
It's either John Quincy Adams or Bilbo Baggins

Look at the quality of that!  I can not, in good conscience,  hoard these all to myself.  It's time for a pic dump.  And yes, I'm kidding about the "56k warning".  It was just a throwback to the days of yore, much like these gifs.

Up first, the Holiday category!

Scared Black Cat Gif

Ribbon Gif

Ringing Bell Gif

Popping Champagne Cork Gif

Birthday Cake Gif

Candy Cane Gif
All glory to the hypno-cane!

Easter Eggs Gif

Animated Fireplace Christmas Gif

Candles Gif

Camera Lens Flare Flash Gif
This is actually a concept for a new toy "My First Camera" from J.J. Abrams

Precious Snowflake Gif

Happy Snowmen Gif

Pot O Gold Rainbow Gif

Kayak Gif
I can't figure out what holiday this represents. Columbus Day?

Glowing Eye Cat Gif

Light Up Jack O Lantern Gif

Laughing Jack O Lantern Gif

New Years Celebration Gif

Rudolph Reindeer Gif

Red Eye Skull Gif

Sup Snowman Gif

Christmas Tree Gif

Glowing Hearts Gif

Pathetic Firework Gif
Best. Fireworks. Ever.

Flying Witch Gif

And don't worry, I will be posting the rest of these over the next few weeks.