Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CSM '12: Ernest Saves Christmas

It's December, and almost Christmas! Therefore, I've decided to do a follow up to my surprisingly popular Halloween Movie Madness! Every night through Christmas Eve, I will be watching a different Christmas movie or special and then rambling on about them, sometimes even being coherent!

Ernest Saves Christmas

Ernest Saves Christmas 1988 Poster

The movies of Ernest are a dividing factor with my friends and I.  Most of that comes from them being stupid and thinking Ernest Goes to Jail is the best one.  It is top three, but not the best.  This movie is the best of the Ernest flicks, hands down.  One of the reasons being that he ends up being instrumental in saving the best holiday of them all: Christmas!  He doesn't do anything near as important in Ernest Goes to Jail, or my other top three movie, Ernest Scared Stupid.

Ernest Saves Christmas

In Ernest Saves Christmas, Santa Claus visits Florida two days before Christmas to appoint his successor.  Ernest crosses paths with him while on his last day on the job as a taxi driver.  He takes Santa (and a runaway who calls herself Harmony Star), to the Oakland Children's Museum to meet Joe Carruthers.  Joe is the host of a recently cancelled kids show, and he is a super nice guy.  Think Mr. Rogers, but fatter and with a beard.  Joe has to make the decision between becoming the next Santa and starring in the horror movie Christmas Slay.  Ernest goes about being his usual bumbling self, and ends up saving Christmas.

Ernest Saves Christmas

This movie has a surprising amount of heart behind it.  It is really quite touching.  And, it goes a long way to show the power of belief in people and ideas.  Plus, it's hilarious.  Ernest uses his Old Lady disguise, which I have always loved.

Perhaps even better is when he is trying to sneak Santa onto the movie set by dressing up and pretending to be a snake farmer.

Ernest Saves Christmas

I took this movie in for my students to watch today.  They seemed to enjoy it.  I know they thought it was stupid, but I take that as a good thing, because that is what Ernest movies are.

Go find this movie and watch it, and enjoy one of the best Christmas movies from the 80's!