Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Nintendo Direct Wii U Information

Nintendo has sprung a new Nintendo Direct video on us!  This time around, aside from looking longingly at oranges, we got to find out a bit more info on the Nintendo Network, Miiverse, and the Internet Browser.  Hit the jump for the video and a brief overview.

Aside from the information we already know about the Wii U, such as the system allowing for twelve user accounts, we get a quick list of how to sign up for your Nintendo Network ID. Those being the normal stuff, like creating a password and putting in your date of birth.

After that, we get our first real look at the Miiverse features in action.  We see a man playing New Super Mario Bros. U poorly, then pausing the game and bringing up the Miiverse.  He uses the games message board to ask for help and post a screenshot from the game!  The idea of being able to pause a game at any time and post a screenshot is awesome.  I'm glad this is a system wide feature and not something left up to the game developers.  If it were the latter, we know that the feature would slowly disappear through the life of the system.

It is also important to not that these posts are not limited just to your friends list.  Anyone can see these and reply with text, screenshots, or even drawings.  You can like other user's posts, and you can even send friend requests!  Take that, you stupid Friend Codes!  You can send direct messages to friends, and you can also follow their activity on the message boards.  My little Nintendo, all growed up!

Another cool little feature is the Miiverse integration in the actual games themselves.  In New Super Mario Bros. U, it shows how if you keep dying in the same spot, you can post a note.  This note will then show up in other player's games when you die in the same area.

We really don't see much with the Internet Browser though; Just a bit when the guy playing wants to surf something while playing Mario.

All in all, this video does nothing but raise my excitement for this weekend!  Will I be seeing you in Miiverse?