Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween '12 Costume: Finn-pool

Originally, I wasn't going to even bother dressing up for Halloween this year.  I was just going to wear my Deadpool hoodie and call it good.

Then, I started checking out some costumes that other people are going to be wearing this year, and I realized that I actually do want to dress up.

I saw someone talking about how she makes Finn hats (from Adventure Time).  That game me an idea.  First, I ordered a hat from her.

Finn the Old Human

Then, I got my hands on Finn's Golden Sword of Battle.

Finn's Golden Sword of Battle from Adventure Time

I was going to go as Finn of Future Past, a grown up, tired, and out of shape.  It wouldn't be much of a stretch.  However, I had a new idea today!

Deadpool wearing Finn's hat

I am now going to be Finn-pool!

Deadpool wearing Finn's hat

I am going to wear some jean shorts and carry around the Golden Sword of Battle still, but I think it might still need something more.


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