Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Halloween Movie Madness 2017: The List - UPDATED

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Here it is, my newest list of movies for the grand return of Halloween Movie Madness!  I got a little ahead of myself before, and some of the titles have been changed.

I've never revealed the full list like this before, but this year I want you to play along at home!

Most of these movies are fairly easy to find, either on Hulu, Amazon, or YouTube, so watching along shouldn't be too difficult.  The schedule is tough to keep (believe me, I know), but it is possible.

How this works

For the uninitiated, I do have a process for this.  I watch the movie the night before I post my thoughts on it.  So, I will watch the first movie (this year that would be Shock Waves) on September 30, and then post about it on October 1.  Then the next movie (Grapes of Death) on October 1, and the post goes up the next day.  This process is repeated every day until the post for the last movie goes up on Halloween.

Also, I haven't seen most of these movies, which is not really the norm for HMM.  This year, however, I wanted to be just as surprised about these movies as you would be.  And I somehow have three movies about antsANTS!

I can't wait!
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bottom Shelf 100th Episode Gag Reel

Welcome to the Bottom Shelf video series!  Our Bottom Shelf Crew is dumb enough to try out these drinks, treats, and recipes just so you don't have to!  What have we done?

The Bottom Shelf series has hit 100 episodes!

To celebrate, we made a Gag Reel.  As in, gagging, not like gag as in bloopers.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bottom Shelf Munchies S2 Episode 23: Pork With Juices

Welcome to the Bottom Shelf Munchies video series!  Our Bottom Shelf Crew is dumb enough to try out these odd treats just so you don't have to!  What have we done?

Our first encounter with the Can of Meat was a tough battle.  We didn't think we were going to prevail.  Then we realized the threat was merely based of our own perceptions of the enemy. We won, and we walked away mostly unscathed.

We thought we would be prepared if it happened again.

We were wrong...

Pinball FX3 Launches on September 26

Zen Studios announced today that Pinball FX3 will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 26.  Launching with it is the Universal Classics Pinball pack, which includes three all new tables themed around Jaws, E.T., and Back to the Future, and you can import any compatible tables you own from Pinball FX2/Zen Pinball 2 for no additional fee.  It looks like most of the tables will be available for import, and you can check the full list below too see them all.

When I inquired about the possibility of Nintendo Switch support, Mel Kirk,  Zen Studios Vice President of Publishing, said, "At this time we are focused on PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.  Zen are huge supporters of Nintendo, and will continue to be so."  If nothing else, that keeps me hopeful.

Send Us Stuff!

Oh the glory.
That's right, folks! Have you been thinking to yourselves this whole time, "Aw gee. I wish I could send something to (INSERT PB&A TEAM MEMBER HERE)." Well, now you can! PBAndAwesome now has it's own little office!

Not sure if our sofa will fit in here though.
Kidding! We seriously do have a PO Box, however. That means you can send us stuff! So here's how. Address your letter/parcel with:
(INSERT YOUR FAVORITE PB&A TEAM MEMBER HERE) | PBAndAwesomePO Box 581Kawkawlin, MI 48631United States
That's it! And like... buying postage.... and shipping it... You know the drill.