Sunday, October 2, 2016

Halloween Movie Madness 2016: The Darkest Hour

The leaves are dying, the sky is cloudy, and even more things than usual are pumpkin spice flavored.  That can mean only one thing: It's October!  This year marks the return of Halloween Movie Madness!

The Darkest Hour (2011)

For our second feature, I watched another movie I had never seen before.  This one, however, was released a mere five years ago.

The Darkest Hour is a movie about two app developers traveling to Moscow to sell their app or secure funding or something like that.  The film doesn't do a great job of telling us the exact reason for their trip, just that it was about their app.

Once they arrive, they get to their meeting only to find their Swedish partner had gotten there earlier and sold their idea as his own.  They head to a nightclub to get drunk and drown their sorrows, and it just so happens that it is the same club the backstabber went to.

While everyone is there, the power goes out.  Everyone wanders outside, where they see giant glowing orbs falling from the sky.  One of them lands directly in front of our heroes, and becomes invisible.  A police officer walks over to investigate, and...

Disintegrated.  And it's a pretty well done visual too!  In fact, I'd say about seventy-five percent of the visual effects are.  The other effects, mostly those done for when we see what the orbs actually look like, are not.

This movie wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be.  In fact, it was downright watchable.  Would I ever pop the DVD back in to watch it?  Probably not, but if I saw it on TV, I might leave it on.

It really would be best if you watch this on TV, because it really feels like a high end SyFy Original.  It is just lacking that "this was actually released in theaters" feel.

Overall, I rate this movie three glowing orbs out of five.

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